Parenting Styles- Stop The Madness!

Parenting Styles

With all the different Parenting Styles out there today, it can seem as though we, as parents, can’t do anything right.

Parenting Styles can be quite the source of debate. In fact, there have been many arguments and intense words thrown around when it comes to discussions focused around Parenting Styles.

It seems as though some people know the exact right way to parent their Children and everyone else’s.

To me, questioning someone’s parenting style, is just as bad as Mom Bashing! In fact, it can be worse, especially when you group someone into one parenting style that may otherwise be looked down upon.

There are so many negative connotations surrounding certain parenting styles! I mean, who wants to be referred to as a “Helicopter Mom?” Can’t I just be Mom? Even IF I hover? What about being considered an “Un-involved Parent?” There are many times I have seen that label and it is always considered a bad thing. Who makes these labels up anyways? Seriously? Who sat down one day and thought: “Hey, we need to label every single parent and their parenting methods.”?

I think we question ourselves enough as parents without having to group ourselves into a certain category of Parenting Styles!

In my opinion, we need to stop labeling ourselves and others as a certain kind of parent! I believe we evolve in our parenting as we and the children grow! I also strongly believe that different children, require different methods. It’s all relative to what works for each of your children. What works for my almost 6 year old son, certainly doesn’t work for my 2 year old daughter and vice versa.

Let go of the labels! Unless you just feel like labeling yourself as a PARENT that TRIES their BEST to make a good life for their children. That sounds A LOT more positive to me, than to be referred to as a propulsion driven aircraft.

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  • I agree but sometimes I do have to give the side eye to some parents of teenagers that allow them to do certain things that obviously put them at risk. It is tough being a parent. I parented 3 kids and then got to start over so I have learned a lot!

  • Oh I agree that sometimes things can make you shake you head. I just do not see the need to group ourselves into neat little categories! I think these “Styles” may put a lot of pressure on Parents!

    Ninja Mommers
  • For real, I am a mom, not the best mom, not even close to being the nicest, but I am their mom and a different mom for all 3 of my kids. We do the best with what we know at the moment, and what we know changes all the time. Awesome post btw

  • Thank you very much!

    Ninja Mommers
  • As a society I think we have grown to really love labels. And compartmentalizing. In reality, most of us wouldn’t neatly and completely fit into any one of these parenting styles 24/7. Most of us have some characteristics of more than one style, I think, although one may be pre-dominant. Bottom line for me is that these parenting styles have become known to be either “good” or “bad” (depending on who you’re talking to) and that leads to judging.

    I don’t like judging. It’s not productive. Let’s just all try our best, knowing our children and what they need, shall we?

  • I agree with you on this.. soooo many labels. I’ve fallen into the trap a time or two thinking to myself why is he or she acting that way towards their child…poor kid….or spoiled Truth be told, what’s to say that the parent or child is not just having an off moment and that’s not the way they usually do things or that unless the child is being abused in any way than it’s none of my concern and putting a label on it is really only labelling me! 🙂

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