Fan Friday Contest: SunRype FruitActiv Bars


Welcome to PTPA’s Fan Friday contest! We’re super glad that you’re here.

We are thrilled to announce that two (2) lucky winners will receive a case of delicious SunRype FruitActiv Bars  {Value of $80}!

This contest will run all day on Friday, June 6th, 2014! Tell your friends!

Smart lifestyle choices can really make a difference. FruitActiv is the smart choice that brings together great taste with vital nutrients to help you feel your best every day.

Happy Heart: A healthy heart is a happy heart. With the benefit of oat beta-glucan, each 50 g FruitActiv Happy Heart bar provides 25% of the daily amount of fibre shown to help lower cholesterol. Now that’s happy news! Available in 2 flavours: Apple Cinnamon and Peach Vanilla.

Immuniboost: Having a strong immune system is important. FruitActiv Immuniboost combines fruit and whole grains with 100 mg of beta-glucan (Wellmune WGP®) to activate key immune cells. What a boost! Available in 2 flavours: Mango Twist and Orange Squeeze.



What our parents are saying: 

SuRype hits another out of the ballpark! This is a name I have trusted since my now 9 and a half year old was a toddler! Keep up the good work bringing innovation to healthy snacking!

For more information about this amazing product visit SunRype’s website.

Winners are being announced next Tuesday at 9am EST on PTPA’s Facebook page. Contest is open to Canadian  residents only. Fan Friday giveaways will close today at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced on Facebook as well as emailed. Rules and Regulations can be found here. To enter, please complete the form below. To view the form, you must be logged in to your PTPA member account.

Comments (88)

  • I love apple cinnamon!

    Darci Paice
  • My favourite fruit flavour is raspberry, closely followed by citrus flavours.

  • Citrus

    Susan Spidle
  • raspberry

    Rick Fekete
  • Strawberry leaves me weak at the knees

  • Strawberry followed by cherry – but really I love them all!

    Tanya Calvert

    mohammad anjum
  • blueberry

    ivy pluchinsky
  • raspberry & lemon..

    ameirah taha
  • blueberry

    lori butler
  • Strawberry

    Tanya Boychuk
  • Cherry

    Tammy Mitolo
  • Strawberry

    Elizabeth Rideout
  • Raspberry!!

    Erika Birrell
  • Have to go with strawberry 🙂

    michelle tremblett
  • Strawberry 🙂

    dianne Melnick
  • Strawberry

    Brenda Penton
  • Mango

    Jeff Skidmore
  • strawberry

    leah leitch
  • strawberry

    jennifer capin
  • Raspberry

    Susan Hanley
  • My favourite fruit flavour is the classic, strawberry.

    Aimee Perez
  • Raspberry for me

    Monique Shuell
  • Watermelon

    Brandi Laprise
  • strawberry and blackberry

    karen hill
  • Blackberry or Raspberry!

    Kara Taylor
  • It’s gotta be strawberry! 🙂

    Marya Renkema
  • Peach

    KAren Hill
  • They are all delicious, but strawberry is the favorite in our house! 😀

    Jennifer Hatton
  • Mango! That aroma always gets me every time!

    Jeannie Lam
  • Apple is my most favorite fruit flavor.

    Andrea Bilec
  • Cherry

    carol markusa
  • Strawberry …..yummy 🙂 Treen Goodwin rafflecopter name

    Trina Goodwin
  • rasberry

    Susan Myers
  • Raspberry

    Emily Bickell
  • Strawberry

    Suzanne Giroux
  • Definitely Strawberry.

    Tara jeles
  • Raspberry

    krislyn roth
  • Anything either Peach or Coconut! Yummy!!

    Amanda Neilson
  • blueberry

    kristy edgington
  • Cherry

    Courtney Fudger
  • i love strawberry

    caryn salageanu
  • Bluberry!!!

    Patricia Nair
  • Love Raspberry!

    Judy Cowan
  • Strawberry has always been my favourite.

    angela mitchell
  • Strawberry for sure

    Julia Wells
  • My favourite fruit flavour is blueberry.

    Jennifer Parsons
  • Strawberry and pineapple

    Sheila Ritter
  • I’m such a fruit lover so it’s hard to pick one….. in this instance I would have to say Strawberry.

  • Apple Cinnamon

    Blessed TA
  • berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, blueberry, etc…individually or mixed)

    Andrea Amy
  • strawberry!!!

    Sandy Trojansek
  • Strawberry

    Lark Webb
  • Cherry. 🙂

    Donna Vasseur
  • strawberry

    Shirisha Prodduturi
  • My favourite is strawberry!

    Cassey Chik
  • Strawberry!

    Jessica Coker
  • banana

    charity konrath
  • Peach Vanilla

    Faniya Rakhim
  • Fav fruit flavour is watermelon

    Dar W
  • Definitely love my strawberries.. and most other berries

    Christina DaSilva
  • I love strawberries and peaches!

    Natalie Vandenberghe
  • It’s apple flavour for my household!

    Karen Hayes
  • I love raspberry

    Jonnie Hartling
  • I love passion fruit!

    Monica Roche
  • Strawberry 🙂

    Denise Eshom
  • Blueberry 🙂

    Suzie Babij
  • I love raspberry

    Marie Stevens
  • I go bananas for peach.

    Shalivia Allen-Howard
  • Cherry is my fav fruit.

    Josh Siemens
  • I like Cherry!

    Kathy Hanley
  • Blueberry

    Eldon Lai
  • Strawberry!

    Kam Parbhakar
  • Peach Vanilla!

    Sherri Ford
  • melon

    brandi gauvin
  • Strawberry Mango

    Janice Flormata
  • Strawberry

    Janet Meisner
  • Strawberry flavor

    angela marriott
  • Mango

    Sharon Kong
  • I absolutely love strawberry. I’m so glad it will be back in season soon!

  • Gotta be watermelon!

    Kaylee Matheson
  • I love Strawberry or the Mixed Berry one, my kiddies love them too!

  • i love strawberry

    Juzilda Junus
  • i love Strawberry &Watermelon &mango & peaches !!

    savanah ozman
  • I love cherry flavour. In bars though I always choose apple.

    Brandee Head
  • I love blueberry!

    Toni Bila
  • Raspberry or orange!

    Dayna Wilson
  • strawberry

    Stefanie Haluk

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