Pet Lizard

Pet Lizard Enters Home Free of Charge “I think I’d like to have a lizard.” says my then 10-year-old son, Izzy. “Can I have a lizard?” That’s how this not so interesting conversation began one spring day.  In ‘non-approving mother mode‘, I sounded something like this, “natter natter natter natter…why do you want one of those?!”  Then, “natter natter natter natter…have to…

Ode to Father’s Everywhere

They may be big, strong and tough. And sometimes we see them as gruff and rough But deep inside their heart of hearts lies, Open worry through stars and skies. For their little ones they hold so dear. They aren’t just out drinking beer. They attend our games, hold our hands high. Teach us that we can indeed fly. They…

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