Father’s Day Twitter Party!


Join us in celebrating the men in our lives! Father’s Day is around the corner on Sunday, June 15th. We’ll be sharing gift ideas, craft ideas, memories and of course, amazing prizes that you’ll love! How do you win a prize? Participate! Yes, it’s that easy but you do have to RSVP to be eligible to win! See below.

Mark your Calendars!

Host: @PTPA

Hashtag: #ptpaparty

Date: Thursday, June 12th

Time: 12 – 1pm EST

What prizes can you win?

Prize 1: Sphero 2.0! Sphero is the world’s first robotic ball you control from your smartphone or tablet and it’s the perfect Father’s Day gift. Drive the family pet crazy, upgrade family game night with multiplayer fun, or even let dad improve his game with a round of Sphero Golf.

Prize 2: LifeProof Case for Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy! Get Dad something he really wants this Father’s Day. Enable him to confidently take his phone with him, no matter what the adventure!

Prize 3: Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter! Taking electronic note-taking to a whole new level by offering the simple, pressure-sensitive handwriting experience of paper and pen – but better. Save thousands of pages to memory, transfer files to a computer, tablet or smartphone, share messages with Evernote, or collaborate on the big screen instantly and wirelessly via Bluetooth.


Prize 4: Kobo Vox eReaders x 3 winners!!!

Prize 5: olloclip Quick-Flip case + 3-IN-ONE lens bundle!

Prize 6: A pair of Men’s Trail To Rapids shoes from Baffin Footwear & Apparel – 2 winners!!

What are you waiting for? RSVP (below) now! See you there!

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  • RSVP’d by this daddy mac! @Tullyman77

  • See you’s there 🙂

  • Cannot wait to see you all there @jopfoh

    Jo-Anne Pfoh
  • Can’t wait! PTPA chats are always fun for everyone!

  • I’m looking forward to it! @bizzymommies

  • RSVP @lorikeet8! Can’t wait!

    Lorianne Killeen
  • Hope to be there on June 12th

    Susan Spidle
  • LOOOVVVEEE PTPA parties! Woot! See you there!!!

    lisa bell
  • Count me in! @debbiedavidov

  • RSVP @catamo

    Catharine Lou Morgan
  • Ill be joining as @shannoncont

    Shannon Heitt
  • Love your parties!

    Monica Roche
  • i’ll be there!! @a_m_rs

    Marie Stevens
  • I’ll be there!

    Michelle Johnson
  • I’ll be there 🙂 @renee_m_leblanc

    Renee LeBlanc
  • RSVP@DebbiPapay

    Debbi Papay
  • See you Thursday! Thanks for the lunch date. 🙂

    julie dyer
  • Rsvp @Nupur_Ghosh Tweet with you soon thanks

    Nupur ghosh
  • RSVP: @SPN_Mom or @SPN_MomJail

    Ashleigh Gunter
  • RSVP @Sukki24. Can’t wait

    Melinda Liu
  • RSVP @jaysaver

    Jay M.
  • RSVP @d_eshom

    Denise Eshom
  • I’ll be there! @TashasCoupons

    natasha inkpen
  • rsvp @i_jns

    Juzilda Junus
  • See you there@ @RaWbStAr

    rob poirier
  • Sounds like fun!! @AutumnChambers

    Autumn Chambers
  • RSVP @homewithaneta

  • Rsvpd yay!

    Cinthya Martinez
  • Rsvp’d!! Can’t wait!!

    Kristi Davis
  • RSVP @cyrusdagreatog

    Majid Alaei Khanehshir
  • rsvp @paicebailey!

    Darci Paice
  • RSVP @ranadurham or @ranajeree see ya soon

    Rana Durham
  • RSVP @CraziMomOf2Boys WOO HOO!!!!

    Tiffany Dover
  • cannot wait!! @sleatham1

    Shelly Leatham
  • can’t wait!

    Anissa Gooch
  • RSVP’d @cantoncathy

    Cathy Canton
  • RSVP’d @kissifer19

    Thanks 🙂

    Amy Heffernan
  • I’ll be there 🙂 @KatieGraceMarie RSVP submitted 🙂

    Katie Coupland
  • rsvp’d @new2mommy123

    savanah ozman
  • Wouldn’t miss it! @kayleebob

    Kaylee Matheson
  • Rsvp @pinkhippo13

    Sharon R
  • RSVP @BestMom007

  • Rsvp’ed for @ophelank. Cant wait to see you all!

    Kathleen Ophelan
  • RSVP @Nupur_Ghosh

  • well, technically I should be working during this time (10am MST) but I think it will be worth taking an early coffee break to drop in!

  • Guess I already RSVP’d lol…. it says I exist already 🙂 See you there.

    Dar W
  • I will be there! @GlutenFreeDoll

  • Can’t wait @TommiesMommy14 🙂

    Rita Frawley
  • See you tomorrow! RSVP@mizvanilla

    Bridget Williams
  • RSVP’d for twitter party. This is me @moaniecl

    Monica Clarkson
  • Awesome, cant wait to party with everyone! See you all tomorrow:D
    gypsygreenz on twitter!

    Lexia Nash
  • Will be there with bells on!

    caryn salageanu
  • RSVP @AprilHartPhoto Can’t wait!

    April Hart
  • Sweet ,,, will be tweeting with you all

    Cindy Procter
  • RSVP twitter party @murntraci

  • @lexiquin hopes to attend–thanks!

    Natalie Vandenberghe
  • @sarahsposte rsvp’d

    Sarah McCausland
  • We promise not to tell!

    Sharon Vinderine
  • @roswav rsvp

    lesinda ross
  • RSVP’d @misselj Can’t wait!

    Erin Johnson
  • Yay! @ChanTSharpTooth revp’d! see you all there, with my morning coffee (w.coast)

    chantel taylor
  • I will be at work! Can I still win?

    Mike Lorbetskie
  • RSVP’d @melissamarvelg

    Melissa G
  • Rsvp @janabananaky

    jana goldey
  • RSVP’ed!! 🙂 @JessamineDungo See you! 🙂

    Jessamine Dungo
  • Looking forward to it! @ShopLocalLdnOnt

    Katie McGregor
  • RVSP’d 🙂

    Katlynn Oleary
  • @4jlessad this is an amazing selection of prizes – thanks to all the sponsors

    Jennifer Essad
  • @airmonkey120
    Awesome can’t wait!

    Natosha Samone
  • @Jennpup Papa needs a new pair of SHOES!!! See you at the party 🙂

    Jennifer Beckett
  • So excited!! RSVP’d as mamapatti55. See you tomorrow!

    Patti Millar
  • @ediethepug and her humom can’t wait to join in the fun tomorrow!

    Kelly Harding
  • RSVP @JusticeSadie Looking forward to it!

    Jen C AKA @JusticeSadie
  • RSVP @sassygirlcanada. Looking forward to it!

    Sandy Trojansek
  • rsvp @ gizmordj

    stacy philip
  • RSVP @niven_kate

    Kate Niven
  • rsvp @hippiechicP

    Paula Grattan
  • RSVP @mummadear

    erin dear (@mummadear)
  • Rsvp @KingSyrous27072

    Mike Lorbetskie

    Rashid Sheikh
  • RSVP- @hmrcarlson

  • RSVP @crazyaprilfool

    Daria Nowell
  • RSVP @rachelritarae

    rachel nerren
  • I will be there thanks so much @ssony711

    Sandy VanBuskirk
  • RSVP @ReviewsSheROTE

    Pamela Rote
  • Going to be a great party! Tweet you soon! RSVP@peachy_62

    Susie Blanton
  • RSVP’d @carollushka

    carol markusa
  • RSVP @ThisCantBeReal

  • RSVPed @sherrybracy See You At The Party!

    Sherry Bracy
  • RSVP @nomnombearinyvr

    Jeannie Lam
  • RSVP @reesesums

    Can’t wait! See you then!

    Reese OBrien
  • Can’t wait

    chris kendel
  • count me in.

    Rick Fekete
  • RSVP-ed! See you there. @katejosh09

    Kate Brown
  • Rsvp @lorene4too

    Lorene Desjardins
  • See you there! 🙂

    karen hill
  • rsvp @AngelaAnj3n8 see ya there

    Angela Vaught Montgomery
  • @Krazed79 will be there!

    Laura Miller
  • RSVP @cmrmslsl

    Christian H
  • Excited to chat RSVP’d @jjcapin

    jennifer capin
  • @melissalain… I will be there 🙂

    melissa fowers
  • RSVP @penellipe

    Bonnie Lacroix
  • Cant wait! RSVP @leonard_jeni

    Jennifer Leonard
  • so excited. This will be my first PTPA twitter party!!

    Ida Arias
  • Hello.This will be the 1st Twitter party I will enter.I’m so looking forward to it.Awesome prizes.Thankyou for having this cool Twitter Party.See you on Twitter 12 to 1.

    Nettie Colvin
  • Looking forward to today’s party! Reggaebaby20 all RSVP’d!

    Kristy Vassell
  • rsvp @critterboo

    Sarah Sinkus
  • RSVP @tammySigond

    Tammy sigond
  • RSVP@mulysa32

    Melissa Johnson
  • RSVP @roscocat1201

    vickie turner
  • I can’t wait! My husband would love any of the prizes! @thericeaddict

    Aisha Holley
  • RSVP@patelv_b

    Vaishali Patel
  • rsvp @rychepet It’s going to be a fun & great party!!! See you soon!

    Toni Bila
  • So excited for the party!! RSVP @angiedepue

    angie depue
  • excited for the twitter party!

    jaimee mcallister
  • I completed the form. Is a comment supposed to appear!? @zoojourneys.

    Besos, Sarah

    Sarah De Diego
  • RSVP @amber_70301

  • RSVP @couponwithcents

    Stephanie Harriel
  • rsvp @busymommylist
    thanks for the invite!!

    brandy oliver
  • RSVP @angelacash22

    Angela Cash
  • RSVP @lesliebonton

    Stephanie Curtis
  • looking forward to the chatting… see you there!

    Marie Constantineau
  • Rsvp @allgoodcanadian

    Chris Goodall
  • RSVP @Jada1913 I thought I rsvp’ed earlier but it’s not there.

    Jada Durden
  • RSVP’d @krislyn5559

    krislyn roth
  • @midgeknows is me 🙂 see you all there

    Marie Constantineau
  • RSVP @ahytts

    Annette Hyttinen
  • Cant wait to party! @ophelank

    Kathleen Ophelan
  • RSVP @jphalange

    Jill Reese
  • RSVP @misterioso_ab can’t wait!

    Ashley Avelar
  • I’m there as @newfiechic

    Brenda Penton
  • Hello.Your page on Google won’t load for me

    Nettie Colvin
  • @Vlovesfree

    Vanessa E

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