Ode to Father’s Everywhere

father-and-daughterThey may be big, strong and tough.

And sometimes we see them as gruff and rough

But deep inside their heart of hearts lies,

Open worry through stars and skies.

For their little ones they hold so dear.

They aren’t just out drinking beer.

They attend our games, hold our hands high.

Teach us that we can indeed fly.

They give us courage, strength to believe.

We can achieve anything we want or need.

They protect us from the world of doubt.

Help us rise up with heart and shout.

I am BEAUTIFUL!  I am Me!

That’s what my father taught me to BE.

Strong and stubborn, caring and kind.

Smart and Sexy, willful in mind.

Always daddy’s little girl.

Taking life on a big wind whirl.

He changed my diapers, fed me spoon in hand.

Always my hero. The music in my band.

I look upon him now, years upon him older.

Yet always when I need, he gives his shoulder.

My loving father, misty in eye.

He cries for me as years roll by.

With want for happiness that holds no bounds.

No aches or pains, no jerks or clowns.

You are special daughter of mine.

From the moment I saw you, my love was blind.

I want you to be happy. I want you to be free.

I want you to understand that life is glee.

Oh dear father. My wishes have come true.

For I was born with a father like you!


Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the dads out there!

Comments (3)

  • Love it Jodi! As a father of a 7 year old daughter and a sibling in a family of 6 so much truth and meaning behind this.

  • Thanks Matthew! Wow sibling of 6, I bet Christmas was wonderful in your house. I always wanted a big family. 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to you!

  • Great poem 🙂

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