It could have been anywhere, but it was Greater Moncton!

Thank you RCMP


A bitter sweet ending for Greater Moncton early Friday morning in what seemed like a nightmare we just couldn’t wake from. “This was something that just doesn’t happen in my town,” was heard over and over heard on social media, television and radio. Our city torn apart by one man, ruining the innocent lives of those who were focused on keeping us safe. My answer to this is,  “It can happen anywhere!” I found out moments ago how close to home this actually was when they released the identities of the victims of this tragedy.

I knew one of the officers fairly well as a very friendly customer from past employment. We would get together when he came in to chat about how things were with work and his family. I bring this up not to negate the fact there were other officers, but to mention its effect on me. We never know where life is going to take us from one minute to the next, and we need to start living within that awareness instead of waiting for actions such as this to help us determine our lives. This has opened my eyes widely to the fact that we have a very close knit strong city and it makes me proud to call myself a Monctonian.

That being said, it’s now time to recover and support those that have lost loved ones or friends, in every way possible. My deepest sympathy goes out to all the families and friends of the victims as well as my utmost gratitude to those whom served to keep us safe before during and after this tragedy. We will never fully understand why this happened and how things went down, and we do not need to know the full details. What we do need to do is respect the fact that the officers did everything they could and honor them. I also want to thank all of those I know from all areas of the world who took the time to make sure our family was okay with a message every now and then. I received so many, near and far, and it was nice to know they cared for the well-being of me, my family and the people of Moncton. I’d like to end this with a question that I’d love to hear your response to:

After seeing/hearing what has happened and what could have happened in our city from near and far, what change in your life would you like to make?


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  • Great post, Matthew, and I am glad you and your family were safe during this awful incident. I’m sorry to hear you did know one of the officers. I can relate in some way as I used to know one of our soldiers who was killed in Afghanistan. He was a former customer of mine whom I had gotten to know fairly well (along with his family) from our weekly interactions. I remember feeling just awful when I heard he had been killed..and honoured to have known someone like him. The change I would like to make? I already made it awhile ago. I end off all my interactions with family by telling them I love them. I never miss a chance to say that.

  • Thank you Sandy, you and I are very much alike. I as well do the same, always saying “I love you to my family and close friends”. It was in my upbringing and I am a believer in showing how you feel, heart on ones sleeve so to speak. The downside to this is usually this person takes things harder, not personal but harder. 🙂 Thank you. The regimental service is tomorrow and I believe is televised by Ctv, I’m doing my best to be there, however with 7000 officers alone most will not get in.

  • Great post Matt! Glad to hear that you and the family are/were safe 🙂 I’ve never known anyone who worked in law enforcement that has lost their life but my cousin lost his life due to someone else’s hands so I know how it feels to lose someone in such a tragic way. Sorry for your loss.
    With all the craziness going on in the world and so close to home lately, I want to keep my son and wife in my sights at all times! I’m the quiet type that absorbs everything going on around me and find myself checking out my surroundings more often than usual!

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