10 Reasons to Visit the Great State of Texas

I was born and raised in the great state of Texas and never knew how wonderful this mighty state was until I would travel outside of it. I love to travel to other states and experience the culture and traditions that other states have, but I always get really excited when I travel across my state line. In an effort for you to understand my love for Texas, I have come up with a list of 10 Reasons why you should visit the great state of Texas.  Keep in mind there are probably 1,000 more reasons to visit, but I have narrowed it down to 10.


  1. We have amazing food. I know, other cities and states have great food, but Texas does it big! From our hamburgers to our BBQ to the amazing Mexican food, our food will keep you coming back for more.
  2. Texas is the home of the State Fair of Texas. This is an annual state fair held in Dallas, Texas at historic Fair Park. The fair has taken place since 1886! It is home of Big Tex, who is kind enough to greet you with his booming voice ‘Howdy Folks!’.
  3. Texans have Southern Charm that never gets old! From Yes, Ma’am to Yes, Sir to Hey Y’all to How ya  doin’ ? to the tip of the hat and the wave to wave as you pass each other in a pick up truck. Southern Charm is something that every Texan is born with it and comes as natural as sweet tea served in a mason jar.
  4. We have Dr Pepper. If you go to a restaurant and ask for a Dr Pepper, you will get a Dr Pepper. They won’t give you a Mr Pibb or a Coke but they will give you an ice cold Dr Pepper.
  5. There is a church and a Walmart on every corner! No matter what religion you prefer you won’t have to drive far to find a church in the great state of Texas. Then if you need to pick up some groceries along with other things you don’t need then a Walmart is not too far away.
  6. Since we are a spit and a throw from Mexico, we have awesome Tex Mex. I am not just talking about the amazing Tex Mex food but I am also talking about the Tex Mex cultural. From pinatas being sold at your grocery store to the bright home decor that was brought in from Mexico.
  7. Bluebonnets and wild flowers in the spring. As spring springs, you will begin to see the great state of Texas pop with beautiful colors of orange, yellows, and so many more. Bring your Sunday best and strike a pose in the middle of a field of wild flowers.
  8. Rodeo Baby! If you want to see handsome cowboys and pretty little cowgirls ride some beautiful horses and rope some steer, then the rodeo is for you. The amazing control that these Texans have over these animals is just fantastic  and they do it with such ease that it keeps you on the edge of your seat just waiting for more. There are so many rodeos in the great state of  Texas that your choices are endless.
  9. Throughout the state of Texas there is awesome nightlife for those that want to stay up and party until the last beer call and then hang out in a field and watch the sunset afterwards. We have nightlife of all kinds in big cities and even small towns.  If you like to dance to Tejano, line dance to country music, or  step out and do the cupid shuffle. Some popular nightlife scenes can be found in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, but there is so much more.
  10. Our state has a great opportunity for outdoor living. Not only do we have fantastic camping spots, but we also have areas where you can ‘float the river’ as you sit back and relax with your favorite cold beverage in your hand. In the ‘Hill Country’ we have so many hills and rocks to climb. Our outdoor living can be an adventure, especially if you run into a rattle snake.

Now that you have 10 reasons to visit the great state of Texas, what you are you waiting for? Gas up your car, book an airline ticket, pack your suitcase with all types of clothes (cause you never know the weather in Texas from one day to the next) and come join us. We would love to have you.

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  • Great list! I’ve think I’ve had more BBQ since moving here than is humanly possible! And any state fair where they fry a Snicker bar is good with me!! LOL

  • Great list! I grew up in Texas when I was little, but sadly I was too young to remember. It’s a place I keep wanting to visit!

  • I’d love to visit Texas! Thanks for this list.

    Janine Streiter
  • I love southern charm and southern hair. Now I got other reasons 😉

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