Mommy Wars? No Thanks. But Being Judgmental Is Unavoidable

We mommies love to judge a judger. It’s all “Judgy-McJudgypants” this and “Miss. Judgerlots” that… It feels so good to condemn those awful, sanctimonious judgers, doesn’t it? It makes us feel, somehow, as though we’ve elevated ourselves above the mommy wars. Oh, owwww, my head is totally throbbing from that giant avalanche of irony that just fell on it. The…

10 Interesting Outdoor Summer Activities For Families

1. Attend a local family friendly event. Participating in events that are hosted in your area can help to build your sense of community. You’ll probably run into someone you know while you’re there, and possibly make some new friends along the way. 2. Spend a morning at a pick-your-own fruit/vegetable farm. Head out early to avoid the hottest hours of the day, and spend…

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