SodaStream #BubblesMyWay Twitter Party!



Summer time is for patios, gathering friends and family, good times and good fun! Enjoy your summer with soda the way you like it. The SodaStream system makes it happen! Designed with your tastes in mind, you can make delicious soda in seconds at the press of a button with your regular tap water!


Find a recipe or give your creative side a spin and see what delicious drinks you can design! For recipe ideas click here.

Our bloggers have had lots of fun discovering all the ways to enjoy a SodaStream system. They’ve experimented with recipes, used it at parties and enjoy using it daily in their homes. Check out all the fun they’ve been having!

Now it’s your turn to have some fun with us!



Comments (74)

  • Wahoo can’t wait

    Marie Stevens
  • @a_ m_ rs

    Marie Stevens
  • Neither can I. I want to win one of these so bad.

    Rick Fekete
  • Nicr! See you there!

    Dar W
  • So excited!

    steph todhunter
  • Woot, see everyone there! @kayleebob

    Kaylee Matheson
  • rsvp @HLDunlop 🙂

    Heather Dunlop
  • See you all there @jopfoh and jopfohjail

    Jo-Anne Pfoh
  • Can’t wait! My kids would love this!

  • Cannot wait for this one! Then again , I love a good ptpa party!

  • LOVE PTPA Parties!

    Paula Huie
  • Can’t wait!

    Sheila Ritter
  • RSVP’d and bubbling over with excitement

    Cathy Canton
  • Would love to have one of these!! @happysgurl

    Dawn Tanner
  • Very much looking forward to it! Love PTPA Twitter parties!

    Mari-ann Tierney
  • I will be there! 🙂 RSVP @TashasCoupons

    natasha inkpen
  • Awesome!! hopefully I can make it, I would love to own one of these!!

    Lynda Cook
  • Will be there! Interested to learn more about the Soda Stream, it would be awesome to win one!

  • See you there! RSVP @RaWbStAr

    rob poirier
  • RSVP @neutkidz

    Lisa Neutel
  • RSVP @parsonsc79

    Crystal Parsons
  • See you there @catamo

    Catharine Lou Morgan
  • @jemrah1 😀

    Joy Mills
  • #Excited#GotToGetMeOneOfThese

    Colleen Churchill
  • excited for this chat!

    emily cocarell
  • So excited! PTPA twitter parties are the best!

    Miriam Wilton
  • Love to win one of these! See y’all there!

    Catherine Liddle
  • I’ll be there!

    Brenda Penton
  • Yeay fun!

    Tracy Burrows
  • Yah, I’ve wanted to try this…be lovely to win one 🙂

    Ami Bruce
  • gonna keep trying these Twitter parties until I get it right!

    Shelley Hickey
  • see you there as @shannoncont

    Shannon Heitt
  • going to be fun

    becky nixon
  • can’t wait it will be a fun party no doubt @carschick !

    caryn salageanu
  • me too

    Jane kramer
  • RSVP @melissaalain. Can’t wait

    melissa fowers
  • WOO HOOO!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! @PBnWhine

    Connie Gruning
  • Woot woot can’t wait RSVP@DebbiPapay

    Debra Papay
  • NEED! looking fwd to fun chat 🙂 @ihopeudancealot

    Liz Grover
  • This is great! Can’t wait 🙂

    Stacy Cobb
  • Can’t wait the last one was crazy!

    chris kendel
  • Fun fun,, love PTPA parties

    Cindy Procter
  • Should be a good one!

    Evelyn Brydon
  • RSVP @TriciaPolek

    Tricia Polek
  • That SodaStream System would look great in my kitchen. Listening to my boys ask “Can we have more of that bubble stuff Dad.” See you tomorrow as @LiveTarget

    Rob Brydon
  • RSVP @surfingwavesmom

    Amy s
  • RSVP@patelv_b

    Vaishali Patel
  • RSVP @DROBrien77
    Fun party ahead!

    Darlene Garner-OBrien
  • I’m in!!

  • looking forward to it

    Jennifer Ball
  • Rsvp @i_jns

    Juzilda Junus
  • So excited ! RSVP @awesome9619

    Marija Gibb
  • RSVPed @sherrybracy See You At The Party!!! 🙂

    Sherry Bracy
  • RSVP @bestmom007

  • I would love to win one! I seen so many great reviews! RSVP @Jphalange

    Jill Reese
  • Excited! @MelissaFinn

    melissa finn
  • Cannot wait! See you at 12! 🙂

    Cathy Bradford
  • @VLovesFree

    vanessa enferadi
  • So excited!!!!

    suz s.
  • @eaglesforjack

    tina reynolds
  • RSVP @Callie1981

    amber pifer
  • RSVP @TammySigond

    Tammy sigond
  • rsvp @roscocat1201

    vickie turner
  • RSVP @thefirstleon

    noel bush
  • so excited for the party! Rsvp @angiedepue

    angie depue
  • @d_eshom

    Denise Eshom
  • Hi! I’d love one of these. @midgeknows
    good luck to all

    marie constantineau
  • RSVP @daddycool023

    Ken Alphs
  • RSVP @sassygirlcanada

    Sandy Trojansek
  • RSVP @Awesome9126

    Kim al
  • Can’t wait!

    RSVP @frugalwoman

    Penny R
  • Oops – partying as Lemon_Jail today! So much fun!

    Mari-ann Tierney
  • rsvp @emmaleewalpole

    Emma Bartlett
  • RSVP @covertimepete

    Peter Maloni

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