North West: It’s a BLING thing…


Sound the horns – little North West is now sporting some ‘bling’ on her adorable one-year old ears. Yes it’s true, the tiny fashionistas parents are now being criticized for …wait for it…


While I know many people believe that putting a hole in a child’s body without consent is in fact harmful, I also know that millions of parents chose to do it without making the front page headlines.

So why the criticism?

As a mother of 2 boys, I realize that my opinion on the subject of ear piercing isn’t really valid. However, I don’t see a big deal when it comes to judging any parents actions when it comes to their children- celebrity or not.

So what, Kim Kardashian is one of the worlds most watched celebrities…

She has a baby.

She is a mother.

They are a family.

They make their own decisions according to their values, beliefs and wants – yet, critics are popping up everywhere and doctors, and health care providers are stating their opinions on the dangers of ear piercing. Would you judge another family on the street with a daughter (or son) sporting studs in their ears?

What do you think, is this just another way to push little North into the spotlight? or is this a real issue that has to be discussed more in social circles? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  • I pierced my kids ears at 2 months and they slept through it. So sorry if they didnt even notice it unlike a grown child that will cry and touch it getting it infected. People are ridiculous to think that it is abuse IMO

  • Honestly, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business! Why is it that our parents were allowed to pierce our ears and with a gun at that but our generation isn’t allowed to pierce our kids ears which is more sanitary nowadays! Everyone has an opinion about something and most of the time it’s really none of their business. I say live and let live!

  • I agree with you Aneta, I think that holes are just that- tiny little holes! Besides, they close eventually anyway right? A tattoo would be another story, in my opinion.

  • Yup! Years ago, this was not a ‘hott topic’ at all…in fact, I don’t even think people payed much attention to the tiny studs in the ears of little girls. Live and let live 😉

  • I think it’s best to do it when they are young! Hurts less and they won’t remember. The only reason it made media is because of who they are. People do it everyday! Beyond ridiculous!

  • Oh geez… I’m not a fan of Kimye but I totally think this is ridiculous.
    I pierced my daughter’s ears when she was a baby and she felt nothing. I did it because it was my choice to do so and it’s been a family tradition. I really don’t see the harm in it. Some parents will say “Oh, it wasn’t their choice; you’re hurting their bodies, yadda yadda yadda..” I think to each their own. Your child, your choice.
    Holes close and if they don’t want it when they’re older, they don’t have to wear anything.
    Next headline: Northwest is using a Pacifier. I repeat. Using a PACIFIER.

    People need to relax and have a cupcake.

  • So many people have different opinions on ear piercing their child. I say ‘ to each their own’. I did my girl’s when they were under a year and they survived.

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