Top 10 Picks: Summer BBQ Essentials

1. Condiment Gun, $27.95, 2. KOKO Charcoal, $19.99, 3. Bear Paws Meat Handler, $15.95, 4. Cookina BBQ Reusable Grilling Sheet, $14.99, 5. Grillbot, $119.95, 6. The Smoking Gun, $99.95, 7. Star Spangled Spatula, $65.00, 8. Quesadilla Grill Basket, $9.99, 9. Himalayan Salt Plate, $34.95, 10. S’mores Roasting Rack with Skewers, $19.95

The Best Fajitas You Will Ever Eat

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve had some pretty good fajitas before, but trust me,  these are literally,  the BEST fajitas you will ever eat, in fact the may just be the best food you’ll ever eat. There are three parts to this recipe, the Pico De Gallo, the Crema, and the Marinade.  Luckily, it can all be made ahead…

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