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I think it was my son’s Nonno that first took him fishing. His love of fishing started when he was young I remember that. Hours on end of quiet sitting and waiting to finally catch the fish and then release it.

I remember the first time I took him to the Bass Pro Shops in Auburn New York (85,000 sq ft –not even close to the biggest Bass Pro) and he looks at me and tells me he is having difficulty breathing and his heart is pounding really fast. Turns out that was his physical reaction to the overwhelming joy of being surrounded by that much “fishing stuff”.


My life has been filled with so many hours of talking about fishing and lures. So many hours spent looking at lures and what I refer to as “fishing stuff”. So many hours waiting for him to finish looking at “fishing stuff”. Prior to my son’s obsession with fishing I had never fished in my life, yet somehow I was forced to play a key role in the choice and purchasing of his bait-casting reel (Mom speak translation – expensive sideways reely thing) which he has named Molly.

I have been tortured and forced to watch countless hours of mind numbing fishing shows. There is no way in any sane world I should know who Bob Izumi is! Bob Izumi – Real Fishing Show. I have stopped at every (and I mean every) bait shop we pass no matter how big or small. I have spent so many hours sitting in my van while he fishes it must add up to several years of my life.

After a dozen years there is a silver lining … we live a 10 minute walk from the Ottawa River and he now goes on his own after school or in the evening to fish. These days I am only required to look at the pictures on his phone of the fish he catches before they are released.

I am writing this post as I sit in the van waiting for him to come out of Canadian Tire. He said he would only be a few minutes and just needed to buy a lure. That was 15 minutes ago and they have a big fishing section. I think he may have told me a fish tale in regards to how long he would be.

But truthfully fishing is a great way to spend a day with the family, and if you have not done so yet I highly recommend you take your little ones out and give it a try. Be sure to look up what family and kid fishing events are taking place near you this summer.


Fishing Ontario 2014 

Ontario Family Fishing – Events

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  • This is a great post, and it is great that your son has found something he is so passionate about. I think as parents to boys we have to listen to many hours of “boy” stuff, mine is younger so I am still learning about Pokemon and Beyblades but I honestly enjoy every minute….well not all but plenty of them 🙂

  • Molly is a great name for one of the many loves in his life including fishing and his committed Mother. Thanks for sharing a piece of your past with us.

    Besos, Sarah

    Sarah De Diego
  • Great post Cathy 🙂 Fishing is a great pass time, stress reliever and way to spend time with the family. My uncle is an avid fisherman and is always sharing fish stories and pics so I know what you mean, lol. Sitting around waiting on him just proves your motherly love 🙂

  • My little bro was also obsessed with fishing and instead of Sunday morning cartoons would watch The Reel Fishing Show with his hero, Bob Izumi. I can totally relate! I love that you’re supporting his passion 🙂

    Janine Streiter
  • Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. It has been pretty funny over the years. There is an ongoing joke about him torturing me with fish stuff, but I agree it is great to have something you really enjoy and it is much less dangerous than his skateboarding or snowboarding. I too knew all the pokemon and beyblades characters – the first time they came out LOL

    Cathy Canton
  • Thanks Sarah! Pretty funny that he named his reel. That kid doesn’t do anything half way. Fishing is definitely cheaper than skateboarding or snowboarding that is for sure. It is nice that he has a variety of interests. I like that about him.

    Cathy Canton
  • Thanks Jason…it always makes me laugh. He literally can be there for hours, and it usually costs me a bundle LOL. But I think fishing like his passion for photography teaches him patience and that is a very good life lesson.

    Cathy Canton
  • Yes there are a number of fishing shows and pros I have had the pleasure (cough cough) of watching on a regular basis. We have to get my parents to take rods to Florida because they are challenging to bring on the plane when we visit them at March break.

    Cathy Canton
  • Aw I love this! That is a real boy!!!! Love that he is not sitting on electronics but out there being a boy! We just started taking our girls fishing.. it is so fun… but we just use simple worms.

  • BTW… Bass Pro Shop is AWESOME!!!!! Our girls LOVE IT… We love the activities they provide during certain times of the year.

  • Well if I am honest he is a total techie and knows his way around a video game but he also fishes skateboards and is an avid photographer. I think that is a nice mix. Fishing is his quiet time. Sharing is his boy trying to bond with his mom time (LOL)

    Cathy Canton
  • It is pretty impressive isn’t it. Never gets old!

    Cathy Canton
  • I enjoy fishing but only with the right company, my dad or my boys. They all seem to love it. I still think the fish can sense my presence and avoid me and my tackle.

  • I wish I had been given the chance to fish as a kid (maybe I wouldn’t think it is gross lol) and I want my boys to get the chance to at least try it once. Thanks for the great post! I am thinking maybe this summer either their dad or stepdad can do it with them!

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