A last minute Teacher gift idea!

School’s out for the Summer!! Well almost! Before you start packing up the pencils and books for the summer, don’t forget to think about the perfect gift to thank your teacher for all of their hard work this past year. When selecting a teacher gift remember that your teacher has many children in their class that are likely giving them a gift as well. Staying away from the typical #1 teacher is a good idea as they probably have an entire box of them at home. If you are like me, you have probably left it to the last minute. Just because its last minute, doesn’t mean that it can’t be a thoughtful personal gift.   Here is a quick and easy DIY teacher’s gift that is sure to make your child’s teacher smile.

Mason Jar Teacher Gift



Glue gun and glue sticks

1 Mason jar per teacher

Computer and printer

Sweets ( I used chocolates but you could use mints, candies, dried fruit, etc)




1. Print out your tag and label.


2. Glue the label on the flat side of the jar


3.  Pop out the center of the mason jar lid. Add a couple of drops of hot glue and cover it in fabric. Its best if you leave 5 mm of fabric over the edges and attach at the bottom.

teacher gifts

4. Return the middle of the lid to the rim.

5. Fill jar with sweets.

6. Tighten lid on jar.

7. Hole punch the tag and insert the ribbon.


8. Tie ribbon to jar.


This year, between the three kids, I had 7 teachers to buy for! This activity took me less then an hour to prepare all seven! If you are looking for different ideas, try changing the container. Here is an example:


The teachers loved this unique gift and enjoy sharing the sweets  with their families!

From my family to yours, have a safe and happy summer!!

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  • I like this idea! Too late for me to use this year, but I’m going to pin this to remember it for next year!

  • Aw not only is that cute but sweet and simple. The containers are adorable!

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about le deuil. Regards

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