Scorching Hot And Canada Day

It’s been scorching hot here for the last 4-5 days with temperatures up to 33 degrees Celsius feeling like it’s 38  and 40+ degrees with the humidity. We parents are already annoyed because of the heat and every time the little one and his cousin get together there’s bickering as if they were siblings and that just won’t do in the heat! We’ve noticed that when the kids have something to do such as going to the beach, park, or even on a walk, they seem to get along a little better. Could it be boredom at the ages of 4 and 5? We really don’t know but we do know what helps, Summer fun! And so we headed off to the beach for a day of swimming, roasting hot dogs and it wouldn’t be complete without …..Smores!

beach j


The next day was a day we hold dear; Canada Day! I love this holiday. It’s a great way to celebrate our gorgeous, friendly, accepting, diverse country and all it’s people. It’s also the celebration to the start of Summer. We spent our day playing on the slip-n-slide and running back and forth from the air conditioned house, lol. Then we headed to the carnival for a few rounds of games, rides and cotton candy.

Fireworks 2 J

To complete the evening we took a few pics of  “Sam The Salmon”. The Mascot of the mighty Restigouche river.


Are there any activities that you’ve noticed that seemed to help/allow your children or children you know to get along better?




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  • Is there something?? lol My boys are constantly at odds with one another. Some days it is like world war 3. I try to get them out walking, riding bikes, splash pads and outdoor games as much as possible. Some days are better than others as it depends on how all 4 interact and how needy the baby is at the time too. I have heard it gets easier lol 🙂

  • It’s an every day thing for us but they’re cousins and when they’re apart they whine and cry to visit each other. I’m thinking it’s a scheme they’ve come up with to drive us parents crazy, lol!

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