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18At KID, we try and be proactive in telling parents and caregivers what products to avoid using with their children. Some examples include: bumper pads, walkers, and bath seats. However, chances are that even if you don’t use these products, there could be potentially dangerous children’s products in your home. No need for alarm though; KID is here to walk you through the steps you should take to ensure that all the products you use with your children are safe.

If you think a product you are using with your child is unsafe….then please stop using it! Chances are your doubts are well founded and it is better to be safe than sorry. A few years ago, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) started SaferProducts.gov, an online database where consumers can report and read about unsafe products. Parents can warn other concerned parents about potentially dangerous products by reporting them here. Just like you would warn others about a bad restaurant experience or a lousy movie, let others know about products to avoid using with their families.

If you see that a product you have has been recalled… immediately stop using the product. If a product has been recalled that means it had been determined to be unsafe for use. Then, follow the directions of the recall notice which can be found at CPSC.gov . These alerts have a remedy section which will tell you if you need to return the product for a refund, or order a free replacement part to make the product safe for use. The contact information provided will usually give you an email address and phone number. Contacting the company through either of these should put you on the right track to either safely removing the product from your home, or getting what you need to make the product safe for use.

If you don’t know how to see if your products have been recalled? To see if a product has been recalled, visit CPSC.gov. You can search a product by product type or company or description.

To make checking for recalls easier, KID created a product inventory sheet that allows parents to list product information. Download the inventory sheet at our website.

So, how can I keep up with all of this? Sign up for KID’s monthly email alert so you can receive a list of recent recalls right in your inbox. Follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) for live safety updates every day. If you are out shopping, visit KidsInDanger.org from your mobile device to access KID’s recalled product search application, which allows parents to check for children’s product recalls before a purchase.

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