Technology Has Changed My Parenting Style

Family Using Digital Tablet

“Family Using Digital Tablet” by Ambro via

Have you ever stepped back and thought about how technology has changed the way parents think and act? As technology seeps into everything we do, it’s no wonder why parents have started looking for technological answers for their everyday problems.

Did your child do something amazing? Capture that Kodak moment with your cell phone.

Finished the book you’re reading? Download a new one to your e-reader.

Kids bored during a long car ride? Stream their favorite shows on any one of the devices you carry with you.

Can’t remember the lyrics to a song? Just Google it.

Digital Parenting

“Digital Parenting Infographic” by uknowkids

Looking back over the last ten years I’ve been a mother, I can see all the amazing things that technology has brought into our family. Homeschooling would be complicated without the myriad of resources available at my fingertips. And our boys probably wouldn’t have the close relationship they have with their father if he had to leave the house for more than eight hours every single day.

Do you think technology makes you a better parent?

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