Virtual Assistants – Are They A Money Pit or A Money Maker?

Virtual Assistants – Are They A Money Pit or A Money Maker?The burning question for most business owners right now, are virtual assistants a waste of money, or do they actually help bring in additional income? Well the answer is, if you hire a virtual assistant with the proper training you can without a doubt, double and even triple the income your business brings in. But the trick is finding the appropriate virtual assistant for what you need.

Not every business owner needs bookkeeping, or social media management. Each business is unique and businesses might also need consistent website maintenance, email marketing campaigns, follow up calls, email management and video editing. Finding a well rounded virtual assistant can in fact be difficult and frustrating.

Here’s the downfall that can occur when hiring a virtual assistant. With every profession there’s the under trained who claim they know how to do everything in the world. While that’s great for our ego’s, NOT good for your business. Hiring a virtual assistant who is under qualified will take a lot of your time learning the basics. During that time they are getting up to speed, it’s costing you MONEY! Some virtual assistants can claim they are growing your business page on Facebook, while in fact they are charging you to play on Farmville. So yes, at times virtual assistants can be a money pit.

It is possible to find exactly what you need in a virtual assistant. Before you go searching for a virtual assistant, have a clear idea on what needs attention to your business. What bogs down your time, and the time of your staff? What projects are n’t seeing any attention at all? Once you have a clear idea, then you know who you need as a virtual assistant.

I wish you the best of luck on your professional journey as you hire a virtual assistant. With the  proper research, you too can hire a money maker. Want to learn more about virtual assistance? Click here to learn more.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with a v.a. Let me know how it went in the comment section below!

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