Frozen Yogurt Dots

I have been raising kids and helping to raise kids  for a very long time, not just my kids but other people’s kids as well. Often times while I am strolling in the baby aisle at the grocery store I am mesmerized by the different kinds of baby snacks that are available for kids. I love finding products that are for new little eaters, but sadly these products are really expensive and you don’t get much for what you pay for.  A few years ago I stumbled upon a ‘do it yourself’ on Pinterest for a very popular baby snack that I loved getting for my babies but was always too expensive. Unfortunately, I can’t find the Pinterest link to give credit back to the original website where I saw them.  These baby snacks, which I call Frozen Yogurt Dots,  are great and you can make them for under a dollar and are probably much healthier than what you buy on the grocery store shelf.

frozen yogurt dotsTo make this delicious treat, all you need is yogurt, a zip lock bag, wax paper and some scissors.

how to frozen yogurt dots

Squeeze the yogurt dots onto wax paper and then place the wax paper in the freezer for around an hour. Once they are frozen, take them out of the freezer and eat immediately.

frozen yogurt dots recipe

Frozen Yogurt Dots are a delicious treat for all ages. They are not only good but much cheaper than the store bought baby snacks.

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  • Great idea! I imagine you could transfer them, once frozen, to a resealable container to store for a while too. Sounds like a nice, cool treat for the summer that will work on fine motor skills as well.

  • This is such an amazing idea. I’m almost tempted to make this for MYSELF! to eat instead of my two scoops of ice cream in front of the TV!

  • What a great idea! I teach preschool and this could be a great healthy, less-messy snack!

  • I need to pass this along to my niece. She has a toddler and sounds like something they would love.

  • This is such an awesome idea! I will definitely have to remember this one!

  • what a great idea, pinning for all my friends to see! xo, jess @

  • SOOO GOOD! 🙂 I remember Dip N Dots from back in the day, YUM!!!

  • Yummy! We love yogurt and these sound like a wonderful cool treat for the summer!

  • That is a awesome idea Aimee! My daughters loves Trix yogurt so I’ll need to try this!

  • Great post!!! This reminds me of dip n dots. I am going to try this!!

  • Definitely a great idea! Sounds easy too!

  • This is a great idea!!! I know my niece loves these!

  • I like this.. my kids like dippin dot so this is a great alternative, and probably allot cheaper.

  • I’ve never thought about doing this, what a great idea! I need to try it.

  • What a fun snack! Forget the kids, I think I would like the yogurt dots, too! 🙂

  • OMG So in love with this idea. Making these RIGHT now!

  • Wow! These look super fun, and I am sure that my family would enjoy making something like them. I will have to play around with some allergy-safe versions, & see how things go.

  • Yummy! I’ve never thought to make yogurt drops before but they’re great as little snacks or healthy foods for toddlers! 🙂

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