Upcycled Diaper Box


As a mother of 4 I have a bunch of diaper and wipe boxes lying around. I thought there has GOT to be something I can do with these other than throwing them out. So a little research and a trip to the craft store and I came up with this! Fabric covered storage boxes! These are great because who doesn’t need more storage. Also you can cover the boxes in whatever fabric you want to fit your color scheme. The boxes already have handle holes as well. It’s perfect! Below is the step-by-step how too. 


What you’ll need for this project. 


First you want to start with your box. Take off the top flaps. Also the little flaps on the handles. You can use scissors for this step, but if you have a box knife I would use that instead. It gives you a much cleaner cut. 


Next you’ll want to line the inside of the box. I found the easiest way to do this is to trace the box on the fabric of your choice with a pencil. This was you are only using the fabric that you need. You can use one big piece of fabric and roll it or cute 5 pieces and lay them all out. I’ve done both ways. I find the big piece is a bit harder to work with after you’ve sprayed the adhesive but looks nicer when everything is finished. I also found that ironing the edge that goes in the bottom of the box also gives it a more finished look. Hint: When using the adhesive give it a few seconds to get gummy before adding fabric .


Next you’ll going to add the outside fabric. Use the box to measure what you need. On the outside of the box I like to use one long piece of fabric. I roll it up to make it easier to work with. Try to use the edge of the fabric to give a more finished look. Use the corner of the box as your start and stop point. It will hide your edges better. You can finish your edges now, just fold over like a gift.


Now you can finish the box with some Mod Podge. This will seal the fabric. You don’t have to use it, but I think it gives the fabric a nice shine. Also I found that it really adds strength to the box. Just add a nice thin layer. You can do a double coat if you want. 


Now it’s time for the finishing touches. I like using the chalk board pain to label things and this is awesome because you can change it up whenever you like. No need to pull the box down to see what is inside. You can also add ribbon to decorate it as well. 


And your all done! Have fun!!

HINT: Use the products out side or in a well ventilated room! They don’t smell very good 🙂

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  • Great post Amanda ☺ We used ours for storage but this is an even better use!

  • Love it

    Keisha Burton
  • Super cute idea!!!

    Teri Walker
  • Love the idea…will use

    sara a

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