A Kid’s Passion Like No Other

I wasn’t really into sports as a kid. I was on a lunch recess time Floor Hockey team and I played basketball in grade 5 but other than that, I didn’t care much for it. I didn’t have the passion I see a lot of kids having for sports.

I didn’t really think when I had boys (four of them) about how much boys love sports. They REALLY love their sports.

My oldest is a sports fanatic. Sometimes too much. He loves soccer and wrestling. My 2nd oldest boy loves soccer, wrestling and hockey. Both of them are on soccer teams that just started this past June. It’s been so fun to go watch and cheer them on but I really noticed something the last game they played on Tuesday.

My oldest REALLY loves soccer. I mean, he’s so into it that the teachers at his last school made the comment “he thinks he’s playing FIFA in grade 5!” – at the game this past week the team he was playing against scored a goal and on the ground he went on his stomach, head down in protest. At first I was like hmmmm? Then I remember the last game he did the exact same thing. What gives?

Jordan laying down during a soccer game when the other team scored.

He’s not a poor sport by any means, he’s very “there’s no I in team” and he is very encouraging to others – goes up to kids after we leave that he sees on the street that are on his team or the other gives high fives and says good game, but he’s competitive. VERY competitive. I don’t think it’s just because they are males, I see girls getting upset while playing too but not really to the extent of my son. My younger son is totally all happy, go lucky and carefree I’ve even caught him clapping and saying “sick goal!” When the other team scores (he’s just turned 5!) but the competitive nature I see in my eldest, who turns 11 in September is something else.

Is it a boy thing? An age thing?

Is it bad? Will it get worse or die down a little? I know he has a very, strong passion for soccer… but he was also the same while on the basketball team in the Fall/Spring. I see a lot of me in him when he gets like this (okay, I’m not that way over sports but Big Brother! Heck yes I yell at that TV!)

Do I just be encouraging and supportive or should I talk to him and see if he can maybe bring it down just a little notch? How do you deal with your kids being a little over the top?

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  • I think you should just let him keep on doing what he’s doing. I played soccer growing up until I was 18 in school and on an outside league. I was always competitive, but not over the top. Others were and that was okay. I really think it all depends on the personality of the kid. If he’s really outgoing, then I would expect nothing less.

    So great to see him have such a passion for the sport. I miss it everyday!

  • I’m super competitive too so I know how he may feel lol. I would just encourage good sportsmanship and let him know that while winning is great, losing can teach us lessons too.

    Sarah Brennan
  • I am also very competitive but since I put my daughter in soccer 2 years ago, I have learned to just let her play, she knows not to gloat and she can be a pretty sad loser but she needs to know that no matter she tried her best!


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