Angelcare AC1200 At Home

The screams from the next room can be deafening. Other times, there are no noises at all, and you wonder if your child is already awake. But all smart parents know, you don’t walk in and risk waking up that sleeping baby. Instead, you have another coffee and wait & wonder. At times, this turns to worry. Is the baby still breathing? Is the child stuck in the crib somehow?

But, with the Angelcare AC1200 Video, Movement and Sound Monitor, you don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to wait. You can use the power of your smartphone to check in on your baby’s room without having to worry about creaky floors, and shutting the door a little too loudly. This monitor uses your phone as receiver instead of having yet another piece of technology to haul around. Bonus points: You can use the app to log in from anywhere (check up on the babysitter, anyone?)

Angelcare AC1200

Angelcare AC1200: At Home

We set up the camera in our 11 month old’s room to test it out. We plugged it into the wall plug next to her bed for ease of use using the USB wall plug. (The camera will also take batteries). It  is very clear, and works well even in low light conditions & mixed light conditions. We found the ideal distance from the crib for ideal views was about 2′. You can tilt and pan the camera to hit the most ideal location.

Set-up was simple, the camera scans a QR code and found our WiFi network automatically. The Angelcare app was a quick download from the iTunes store or Google Play (free) and a brief email sign-up. When the monitor is on, it has a light on the front of it that colours to indicate what is happening.
The monitor has certainly taken some inquisitive toddler fingers & knocks off of the nightstand. If it can last through us for a month, it certainly is durable!

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  • I was always so curious about these monitors with the camera. I hate that there is a creaky floor board outside the room and I always seem to make it creak, YIKES. This would surely help

  • Because the adminn oof this web page is working, nno doubt very quickly it will bee renowned, due too itts feature contents.

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