Top 10 Back to School Tips for Parents with Young Kids

It’s almost that time again! Back-to-School time is looming. Us Parents are trying to prepare to send our Littles to back to school, or off to school for the first time and all the stores are starting to advertise their Back-to-School sales.

Back-to-School can be a little bit daunting. In fact, it can be down right terrifying, especially to those sending their young ones off to school for the first time! Believe me, I have been there and I cried the whole way home too, it’s okay.

Top 10 Back to School Tips for Parents with Young Kids

1. Make Checklists- Make a checklist of things your children will need for their first day of school. Ensure that you are thorough, sometimes the school will give you a list of things you need, so match that list up with your children’s individual needs.

2. Look for Sales- Compare prices and check flyers for sales on the items on your checklist, it’s important to save money on back to school items as they can quickly add up.

3. Arrange Before and/or After School Care- Make sure that you have something arranged for the care of your children before and/or after school. Making sure you seek out childcare far in advance will ensure that you are not only prepared, but you can set a routine for yourself and your child.

4. Clean out the Closet- Go through your Children’s clothes and ensure that what they have fits. Make sure they have enough clothing to last them through the school year, taking into account seasonal changes. Socks are a must. We always have an extra bag of socks laying around. I am pretty sure our washing machine eats them.

5. Figure out a Meal Plan- Sometimes packing a lunch can be a pain. Decide when you will make lunches and then make Healthy Back to School Lunches ahead of time if at all possible.

6. Prepare Yourself Mentally- If this is the first time that your Little one will be going to school, prepare yourself for a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Pack some tissue  for the day you drop your little off. You may just need it.

7. Pick a Password- If for some reason you can not pick your Child up after school, it is important that you establish a password with your little so that they know it is ok to go with whomever is retrieving them from school. If the person doesn’t know the password, then your child will know better than to trust them. If the person knows the password, your child will be comfortable going with them.

8. Countdown to the Big Day- Make the First day of school even more fun for your Child with an Countdown Calendar. Use your imagination and perhaps model it after an advent calendar.

9. Start the Back to School Routine a Few Days in Advance- Do a few “Practice runs” if you will. Getting yourself  and your Children back into the routine of school days, earlier, will make that first week less chaotic. Get yourself and your Children used to the School day hustle and bustle before the big day actually comes.

10.  Get Some Sleep- The night before the big day, make sure everyone is in bed on time, including you. A good nights sleep can help to prepare you and your Children for the first day of school and also ensure that you are in an optimal mood!

Are you Prepared for Back to School for your Children?



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  • We just did number 3! We had a B2S fashion show!

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