Mothers Against Photoshop {MAPS}


Anyone else fed up with the heavy finger society seems to have with Photoshop these days? You see this never seemed to bother me, not quite like it does now. I struggled as a young woman, striving for perfection that was unobtainable without the help from a computer mouse, and now I’m a mother, a mother of a daughter who will one day face the same frustration and struggles as I did; that is if I don’t do something about it.

I choked on my morning tea {yes this is possible, and yes I’m impressed with my skills}, how could I not after seeing the most recent ad to hit my Facebook feed. It was an ad promoting a new lingerie line designed by none other than pop star, Brittany Spears. I tell you this only because I think you may not even recognize her in this image, clarifying only to give validation to my point and reason behind my frustration.  This has to stop. Not only does she look like her own wax museum statue, but it doesn’t even come close to resembling her even on a good hair day {I mean this jokingly}. Why are woman so afraid to be themselves? Don’t get me wrong, I like to slap on a full coverage foundation in the mornings between playing house and hushing a cabbage patch doll to sleep, and I also like to make my lips a ridiculously gorgeous cherry red when the night calls, but the difference between naturally beautifying ourselves and not being recognized after being sized-up on our ID, this is where society has steered up wrong.

…for I am a Mother Against Photoshop; taking a stance for what is truly flawless, real life.

This needs to change, and it needs to start within. We need to teach our children that they are as beautiful as they are, the more we tell them the truth about what makes them beautiful, the more they will see it. The key is recognizing that beauty comes in many forms; from your mental to physical being. I mean let’s not forget how gorgeous being smart can be, or how amazingly beautiful confidence is. We are not here to tell them them lies or fibs, jeez no! We’re telling them exactly what we see, know, and feel, for we know them best, from the inside out and their is nobody else out there like them and this is what makes them beautiful.

What are you doing to ensure your children don’t get caught up in an unrealistic view of beauty?

// are you a mother that wonders what they can do to take a stance for real beauty? Reach out to me at and join the MAPS force; changing the world’s view of beauty, one child at a time.

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  • I am so in.

    Shannon Thorndyke
  • Would love to have you on board, reach out Shannon, on our site, and you’ll be kept in the loop on our next BIG MOVE.


  • Come up with a better name and I’m all over it. Being against a piece of software is sort of ridiculous.

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