First Day of School Anxiety

So, here it is, late July and I’m panicking….Yep, I’m already panicking about the start of school in SEPTEMBER! Crazy? Maybe. Maybe not.

My only baby…that little boy that I still see as a sweet little bundle swaddled in a bassinet, smelling like a newborn every time I close my eyes, is starting school. BIG school. No more preschool – this is the real deal.

This is how I see him

This is how I see him


Reality slapped me in the face a couple of weeks ago when we went to his preschool graduation. The teachers made a fantastic slide show of the graduates for the children and parents and I cried. I cried knowing that these fun filled, innocent days are coming to an end as he’s growing up and starting school.  By the way, why do we not listen when people tell you how FAST they grow and how FAST these first 5 years go?? I looked around with tears clouding  my vision and realized that almost all of the parents were shedding some tears. I knew that I wasn’t alone, they too were feeling it and the realization that our babies will start school in a few short months is dawning on us all.

This is the little boy he has become

We have looked so forward to the warm , lazy days of summer but now that they’re here they seem to be flying by on us and we’re wishing for them to SLOW DOWN! Slow down so I can enjoy the random hugs through the day. Slow down so I can be the one seeing the smile on his face every time he conquers  something new. Slow down so I can have that little hand slide into mine when we’re out for a walk…soon he’ll not want to hold my hand….

Are we ready for riding the bus? For making new friends but leaving the old? New routine? New teachers? Who knows….but when September comes I’ll hide my tears (they’ll be both happy and sad) until the bus pulls away and we’ll jump in feet first to the new adventures coming our way.

Taking a quote from the slide show “Your mountain is waiting – climb it high and climb it proud!”….Lets take this mountain by storm little man!

Tell me, who else is going through this? How are you feeling about it? Let me know I’m not alone!

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  • I had this for the past two years as both of my kids started school. Now my oldest is going into grade 1 and the anxiety is killing me as well. He knows he is growing up, that little boy that would hold my hand so tightly that I would lose sensation is now walking away from me into crowds of people, making friends and foes, and I just want to run after him,cuddle him like he was still small, but I know that they need wings and school will give your son those wings. You will be more proud of him in the next couple of years I promise you!

  • Such reassuring words and I needed to hear them. Seriously I thought the anxiety would be his and not mine. The idea that he does not need me the way he used to is killing me. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Jo-Anne Pfoh
  • Oh my I feel your angst , I still have a full year before this happens for our little guy but have been thinking a lot about it and it’s already making me stress and feel sad! Time really does fly by so, so fast. The year my little guy starts school, my daughter will be in her first year of high school. So I will be a mess knowing one is so close to leaving the nest and the other is only just beginning his journey in school. It’s definitely a mix of emotions when they go off to “big school” , but also very rewarding to watch them develop in so many ways. Deep breath and smile!

  • Yes, you’ve got it going on both ends of the spectrum for sure. I don’t envy you! I think most of my problem is that he’s my ONLY child and will be the only child – sometimes I feel like it’s just going by too fast and I feel like I’m missing it and have no chance of a ‘redo’ with any of this lol.

    Karen Hill
  • Thanks for the support and encouragement it is appreciated. Deep breath and one day at a time. I might remove all calendars from the house as well lol.

    Jo-Anne Pfoh
  • One day at a time. boy I wish I was Dr. Who with a TARDIS time travel would be so welcome right now.

    Jo-Anne Pfoh

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