Kid Craft for a raining day: Lighthouse Night light

Summer time means getting outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. That can mean taking a hike through a forest, riding your bike around the block or taking a trip to the beach. Going to the beach is one of my kids favourite things to do. A few years ago, a group of coworkers, their families and my sister, set out on a grand adventure for a day at the beach. The sun was shining, the air was hot and the bay was cool! We spent the day building sandcastles, riding the waves and enjoying each others company. My kids still talk about that day years later and beg to return to the beach.

Beach fun

This summer has not been very beach friendly. With the cool temperatures and daily rain, we don’t have the opportunity to relive that glorious beach experience. One rainy afternoon, the kids were complaining there was nothing to do. Thanks to an craft idea from church, we recreated these gorgeous light houses. Not only do they remind us of our trip to the beach, they make great nightlights too!

What is a Lighthouse?

lighthouse is a building that is used as navigational tool for maritime captains and pilots. What once consisted of a fire on a hill, lighthouses now emit light from a system of lamps and lenses to mark dangerous coastlines/reefs and safe entries to harbors.

Lighthouse craft


1 large red plastic cup

1 small clear plastic cup

1 battery operated tea light candle

construction paper





1. Tape three white stripes around the large red cup. Place them at the top, middle, and bottom.


2. Cut out a door, some windows and a large circle out of black construction paper. Glue or tape them on the red cup.


3.  Place the battery operated tea light on the top of the red cup.


4. Place clear cup on top.


5. Enjoy the beautiful glow of your new lighthouse night light!



I hope you and your family have a safe and happy summer!

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  • This is adorable and would be a great decoration for a nautical themed party as well.

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