The ABC’s of Genuine Happiness

I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day and found a post that was titled  ‘The ABC’s of Genuine Happiness’ and decided to share it.


Looking over each letter of genuine happiness I have to agree that this list nailed it. Some of my favorites are creating something exciting, be present and bold, never give up on what you want,  laugh, love and learn to let go. In all honesty, however, a lot of what is listed may not be easy for some to accomplish. For example, yelling less, facing fears and exercising daily is not the easiest things for me to do. If I was able to do them, then I would definitely begin to experience more genuine happiness. If I could add to ‘The ABC’s of Genuine Happiness’, I would add Accept Responsibility, Be Daring, Find Patience, and Mentally Relax.

What are some of your ABC’s of Genuine Happiness? Which of the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness do you find difficult to accomplish?

best wishes


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