What I Knew Then vs. What I Know Now

Then vs. Now

Having two kids now, it is funny to look back on what you know now and compare it to what you thought back then …

Then: I thought the term ‘Hand Foot and Mouth’ was a kid putting their hands and feet into their mouths
Now: I know it is a G-D awful virus that I pray daily my son will never get again

Then: When I saw kids having massive tantrums throwing themselves on the floor at a supermarket, I instantly thought it was the parents fault
Now: I know it’s 99.9% the kid freaking out because he/she is not getting their way and I just feel bad for the parents

Then: When I used to see a kid on a leash, I was horrified
Now: I think it’s a brilliant invention

Then: My husband (boyfriend at the time) would look at men wearing a baby carrier and swore that he would never wear it because it was emasculating
Now: He won’t leave home without it!

Then: I used to get mad at my husband for waking me up at 8:00am on a Sunday
Now: When I wake up to see 8:00am on my clock (which rarely happens I must add), I get down on my knee’s and kiss the ground

Then: I used to think that a parent getting a call from school about their kid acting up would ruin their day
Now: It’s just a regular Tuesday in our household

Then: I used to be frightened of labour
Now: I am still frightened of labour (2 kids later) … I just know more than I should 😉

Then: I used to pray that I wasn’t sitting next to a screaming kid on an airplane
Now: Before getting on a flight with my kids, I pray that I am sitting next to a loud, screaming child

Then: It felt like a small pack of batteries lasted a lifetime and a screwdriver … what’s that?!
Now: The screwdriver is the most used tool in my house and not having batteries on hand at all time is just a rookie move (I wish you could register for batteries … no joke!)

Then: I was the least handy person EVER
Now: I am MRS. FIX IT … didn’t see that one coming

Riddle me this: Now I am no mathematician, but how is it that a newborn sleeps an average of 20 hours a day, but as a new parent, you have never been so exhausted in your entire life #BOOM

What are your “Then and Now’s”?

Happy reminiscing

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  • I have learned that there is no such thing as a horrible hangover until you have kids to take care of in the morning. I must add something to your list about the tantrum kid in the supermarket, because he is mine more than likely! When my kid is on the floor by the checkout because I wont buy him a chocolate bar because I don’t want to deal with his sugar high (and than subsequent crash) an hour later, DO NOT OFFER HIM A LOLLYPOP! I hate when people try to reward their tantrums, stay away from my kid, he is annoying me too but we will be gone in a few minutes.

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