How Curiosity Box Saved Our Summer

It’s been a long summer so far, each day a struggle of trying to find that perfect balance.   With the kids home, I want to play, but work calls, laundry piles up and as a mom I just can’t be everything to everyone ALL THE TIME.

I would try to find things to entertain the kids while I squeezed in a few moments of “responsibility”, but eventually my go to suggestions fell flat.

Luckily the little dude got a delivery halfway through our summer break.   The Curiosity Box arrived just-in-time and was filled with all things bug and camping related (perfect for my little boy)

But even more exciting,  to receive a package JUST FOR HIM was pretty life changing. As a blogger we get all sorts of fabulous things delivered through the mail, but they all come to me.  This time, a big box, with HIS name on it (which he recognized) all wrapped up and exciting.

The activities inside were varied enough to keep him entertained for days.  Drawing, glueing and exploring with a (perfect for our property) scavenger hunt.  The big girls even got involved in the fun.

curiosity box

But best of all, it pushed his boundaries and made me step outside my activity comfort zone for a bit.  I am not a crafty sorta gal, so by having all the bits and pieces we needed included in the kit, we were actually able to see a craft through to completion.

And living rural, we just don’t have access to googley eyes like you would in the city.

The very best thing about the Curiosity Box was that it did provide me with a few bonus moments.  The little dude (and big sisters) were happy, entertained and engaged. . . without me there! Laundry was done, work was completed and all I needed to do was clean up the table after them and lay out some snack!

curiosity box

It was the perfect break from a summer of spontaneity (i.e. no structured activity) and get us all out of our rut!

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