Why Daddy Daughter Dates Are Important

As a daughter that grew up without a positive male role model in the home and as a mom that has a houseful of girls, I know that the influence of a positive male role model in the home is important. Growing up I had a bit of sadness that grew inside of me when I saw my girl friends playing with their dad, going out on special trips with their dad or helping their dad with special projects. As a mom I want to make sure that my girls never experience this sadness and have the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and grow with their dad; so I wanted to share with you my thoughts on why daddy daughter dates are important.

Why Daddy Daughter Dates Are Important

  • Getting to know Dad: In most households (not all) mom is the primary caretaker. Kids are most often around mom during the day, they bypass dad to get to mom to ask her for a drink,  they rely on mom to help with homework or/and get ready for bedtime. A great reason why daddy daughter dates are important is to allow and encourage daughters to get to know their dads and for dads to get to know their daughters. When daughters are alone with their dad a whole new world opens up; this includes random conversations, pure silliness, and stories about the future and the past.
  • Positive role model: Another reason why daddy daughter dates are important is so that girls can see how men are suppose to act and how they are suppose to treat ladies. Even though your daughter may not be dating for a long time, it is extremely important for them to have instilled in their little brains what respect is and what to look for in a man.
  • Self Esteem: Taking your daughter out of her element and the normal every day routine shows her that you’ve made time for her and that she trumped your busy schedule. This, in turn, helps boost her self esteem and shows her that you have a special place in your heart.
  • Memories:  One of my favorite reasons for why daddy daughter dates are important is because memories are being created. My girls love to reminisce and tell stories about when they had daddy daughter dates. These memories will last for a lifetime.

These are just a few reasons why daddy daughter dates are important. Our children are our future and it’s our job to help them succeed.

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  • This is beautiful! 🙂 Thank you for sharing Aimee 🙂


  • I agree that these types of outings are especially important. There was recently a father-daughter dance in my community and the photos from that event were beautiful. 🙂

  • Andrea, this photo is from a daddy daughter dance and my girls loved it!

  • Beautiful family photo Aimee! My girls loves hanging out with their dad and it really does makes a difference.

  • The hubs and I were just talking about how he’s going to start this with our two year old!

  • I love this and would have to agree. We did this with my dad and those memories are priceles

  • I agree. I still remember when I went to daddy-daughter dances with my dad. My husband makes it a habit of taking each of our kids to something special by themselves. I think it’s a great way to foster their relationships so they get to know each other without me around.

  • What a great post! So true!

  • Love this thank you

    sarah Jones

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