Cheated on, again!

100 Days Progress…this time, by my bathroom scale!

So as you know I’ve been on quite the weight loss journey, sharing the details with all of you last month. But something happened, and the numbers on the scale completely stopped, in fact on some weeks they started to go in a direction less desired. My menu never changed, my drive was in the same, I did however change one thing, I added fitness. I worked out from home at least 4 days a week, but in most cases 5 or 6. I anticipated big drops on the scale after a full week or “giving it all I got”; I got nadda. You’d better believe my grade 9 french came out fluently those morning {pardon my french but WTF}. But… but… but I had worked so hard, why all the sudden?

I kept up with my morning dates with disappointment for a whole 3 weeks, come Friday morning, before any food or beverages were consumed I stepped on the scale. Held my chin high, and stood the most still I could and counted, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, then looked down. SH*T Seriously, who’s playing this sick joke on me?

It wasn’t until I decided to stand in the mirror and take a selfie after a morning workout. Putting my weight loss journey day 1 picture next to todays’ side-by-side. AH HA! It was the moment I knew that my bathroom scale was a cheating liar and had to be kicked to the curb!



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  • You look amazing and I hope my scale is lying to me too! Although I have not been visiting the fitness facility maybe my extra weight has.

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