Endless Hours of Fun With Sands Alive!


In our household, sitting and engaging in an activity for more than 10 minutes NEVER happens. My kids are pre-programmed to move onto the next ‘best’ thing every few minutes or so, and it drives me NUTS! Just when I finish cleaning up one activity, we are onto the next and this happens day in and day out…

Every. Single. Day.

This is why I am always jumping at the chance to try new products with them, hoping that one day they may actually take interest in something for a longer period of time and maybe, just maybe, mama can clean her house or even take a 5 minute sitting break for once.

Ready for the good news?

We’ve found a winner!!


When we opened the package for Sands Alive, we were shocked to see that it contains a complete set that includes shaping tools, molding tools, sand and even a little table to keep it all contained — yes, bonus for parents everywhere! The dough is mushy like play-dough, but soft and pliable like sand, it is really hard to explain the feeling and texture of this stuff. My kids refer to it as pizza dough without the ‘stick’ if that makes any sense. All I can say is that to the touch, this stuff is addictive! I couldn’t take my hands off of it- within minutes, even mama was molding and playing.


Obviously, my skills are not that great, but you get the idea 😉


Since receiving this set, I have been telling everyone to put this on their Christmas list because it is by far one of the best creative play sets I have seen in a long time and the best part is that my kids actually PLAY with it and sit for a long period of time letting their imaginations run wild.

For all you naturalist parents, like myself here’s another awesome tid-bit: Sands Alive is natural, non toxic and contains organic ingredients that create a compound agent that binds together to create an environment in which it is not physically possible for bacteria to grow! PLUS, my favorite part– it will NEVER dry out!! 

**This product is hypoallergenic and contains no wheat, grains, oats, dairy, gluten, latex**

Great News! Sands Alive was awarded the PTPA Seal of Approval because it is AWESOME! Check it out! 


Comments (3)

  • Ahhhhhh! My son saw this on tv and totally wants some! Daddy thinks it’d be awesomely fun too

  • I love the idea of this. My kids love the sand box outside and spend hours out there in the summer. This would be a great activity when it gets colder and the backyard is off limits 🙂

  • We don’t have a yard and I am always looking for a way to bring the outside in when I just don’t have time to go to the park, this looks great! I am happy to hear your kids play with it for long periods of time. That is the reason why I hadn’t bought it yet. I didn’t want to spend the money for them to play with it for 5 minutes!! Thank you!!!

    Bobbiejo Ireland

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