The first day of school and letting go.



 Dear mom holding your son tight in your arms and dad to your daughters hand at the bus stop, I understand. I stood in your very shoes not three years ago and although it gets easier, you never forget the firsts. That first day you send them off to school and begin their life’s journey. It’s a scary bitter sweet time.

Thinking back to that day, I remember not knowing the exact route the bus took. This being the case we jumped in the van and followed it only to get caught at a light and lose it….panic. We got to the school just after the driver was pulling out and knew she got there fine. Neither of us got much done that day as all we could do was wonder; how she was making out, did she eat, would she catch the right bus to get home. Due to the fact it was the first day and nothing runs completely smooth it was late and of course…panic time again.

It’s natural to worry about your child and want to not let go at certain points and I can assure you that after a couple of days to a week into the routing all it fine. Truth be told, once your child leaves you and steps into the classroom, they don’t worry about you at home as they have new and great things to attend to like; making new friends, recess, running in the playground. The fact is they are acting the way we probably should be and we are acting the way we expect they would be.

It’s a very exciting time for kids and yes some will show their emotions and have a harder transition than others, but by the time they are in the classroom the higher percentage of children lose track of why they were upset in the first place because the teacher has already started to make things look fun and exciting for them. I want to personally take this time to say enjoy these days as they pass so fast, before you know it you will be the one saying this to the mom or dad that just wants to hold tight…


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  • This was really reassuring, Matthew. I am putting my daughter on the school bus for the first time tomorrow (I’m use to driving her to and from) so I am very nervous.
    Thank goodness her first day was a success and her teachers and the school secretary seem nice! That takes a lot off my chest.

    Feeling a little better now… slow breaths.

  • I’m sure she will be absolutely fine, the only issue we had with our daughter after a little while is that she developed motion sickness and every once and awhile will feel a little nausea but it runs in the family. She doesn’t want a drive ever now as she likes to ride with her friends.

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