EASIEST Cake you will EVER make!

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So, this cake recipe has been circling the web for about a week now and I thought I would put it to the test. Partially because I didn’t believe a recipe could be this easy, and partially because I love pineapple 😉 Now I can whip something easy up whenever unexpected guests are coming over and I have little time to clean a messy kitchen!

Here are the ingredients: 

1 can crushed pineapple (I didn’t have one so I pulsated cubed pineapple)

1 pkg angel food cake mix



Add cake mix and pineapple can together and stir with spoon until smooth and frothy. Pour mixture into a greased baking dish and bake at 340 degrees for 30 mins.


That’s it! Have you ever made an easier cake? And all for under $2.50!! Crazy!



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Comments (8)

  • You can also make this cake with an angel food cake mix and a can of cherry pie filling (actually any pie filling). All other directions the same.

    Susan Hanley
  • Yummy, I would love to try this Meri

  • Ohhhhh!! Susan, you just took this to a whole new level! Thanks so much for sharing 😉

  • Problem is that you will eat the entire cake in one sitting lol! Enjoy 😉

  • Did it turn out more like a spongecake?

  • Love it! Seriously simple and cost efficient ☺ I’ll definitely be trying this with one of my gluten-free cake mixes. I’ll have to use something other than pineapple as I can’t stand the texture of it! Great post Meri

  • Jason, I tried it with gluten-free angel cake and the cherry pie filling and it was extremely gelatinous-I think the rice flour made it a bit jello-y. Maybe stick to fruit for this one 🙂

  • Thanks Aneta

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