Benefit of Gamification? Increased Engagement!

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Having spoken to some of my clients over the last few weeks, it was clear that the new buzz word in marketing this year is Gamification. If you would like to learn more about our Gamification program, click here.

Gamification is amazing; it revolves around the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate users [Tweet], for example, a popular use of Gamification programs is to encourage audiences to engage in return for badges, which in turn will allow them to claim some sort of reward (discounts / VIP downloads etc).

One problem many social media managers have is that they have no way of influencing what actions social media users carry out. Gamification allows you to influence the way social media users engage with you and your brand [Tweet], for example, if a user would like to earn a specific badge, they may in turn have to watch a specific video, or tweet using a specific hashtag etc.

Fun2EngageMailLinkSince the first day websites were created, people have been trying to figure out the best way to keep visitors on them. Gamification will encourage users to spend more time interacting with you and your brand [Tweet], because it will make interacting with your brand fun!

The question I am asked most often when on the phone to potential clients is “What is the ROI of this investment?”, and it can always be difficult to explain that it can be very hard to determine what financial results will come from a Marketing campaign. Gamification will allow you to generate more revenue from your current clients and new revenue from potential clients [Tweet], because you can now encourage every person to visit your purchase page or share a link to your purchase page!

So there you have it; I really do believe Gamification is going to change the way businesses engage with Social Media users, because it will allow businesses to have more control! Is this a good thing (for businesses / users)? Share your thoughts below.


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