7 Ways To Enjoy Time With Your Family This Fall

Fall is such an amazing time of year – the leaves on the trees change to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows, on a good day the weather is not too hot and not too cold and in my house thanks to my plug-ins and smelly candles there is always an aroma of pumpkin or apple cinnamon in the air.  It’s also a great time to get out and enjoy time with your loved ones, not that everyday isn’t but too me Fall just seems like a happier time.  Every year I make myself a bucket list of things that I want to make sure gets done and every year not even one thing on that list gets done.  This year I fell more determined than ever to get them done, I don’t know why it’s just a feeling I have.  Here are my 7 ideas of how to enjoy time with your family this lovely crisp season:

7 ways

  1. Take family pictures – With all of the vibrant colors surrounding us on a daily basis in even just a simple walk to the store, how can I not be thinking about taking the kids to a park where the scenery and  the colors are even brighter and just letting the kids go nuts while I snap away.
  2. Play in the leaves – When I was a little girl, I remember waiting and anticipating for my dad to finish raking the leaves, just so I could jump in them and throw them up in the air just to watch them all float to the ground.
  3.  Play dress up in a store – Yes, I know this can be done at anytime of year in the changing rooms at the mall but that doesn’t include scary masks, funny wigs and other accessories like the Halloween aisle does in a department store.  Take turns with the kids trying with the kids and see who can come up with the funniest or scariest disguise and than instagram the photos.
  4. Visit a pumpkin patch – I have never in my entire life been to a pumpkin patch to pick out my pumpkins, they’ve always been store bought.  Imagine the pride on your kids faces when they pick the biggest, orangest pumpkin and bring it home to carve.
  5. Get lost in a corn maze – To be honest I’m not really to sure what that is but t sounds like fun.
  6. Apple picking – Fresh picked apples in pie…  Need I say more?
  7. Visit your local homeless shelter – With the weather getting colder, there is going to be a need for all of those sweaters, jackets, pants…  anything really that you or your kids have grown out of…  Please don’t throw them out, it may be someones only way to stay warm at night.

Now, I know there are much more ways to enjoy time as a family but these are just a few things that I have yet to do.  What’s on your Fall bucket list?  Anything that you’ve never done before?


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