Halloween Safety Tips for Families

Halloween is fast approaching! I know I am excited! Are you?

No matter how excited you are, it is important to keep Halloween Safety in mind, especially while Trick-or-Treating with your family and friends.

Halloween can be fun, exciting and enjoyable and ensuring that you are prepared to exercise you Halloween Safety tips, can increase the likelihood that you will have a fun, and safe Halloween this year.

UntitledHalloween Safety Tips: For Trick or Treating

Limit the use of Masks– Masks can actually obstruct your child’s view, causing your child to be less aware of their surroundings such as cars, animals and other people. Instead of choosing a mask this year, try purchasing face paint instead.

Use a Bright Colored Bag– Ensure that the bag your child is using to collect their goodies in, is white or another bright color.  Reflective Tape, Decals or Key-chains can also be added.

Avoid Houses that are not well lit– Stay away from houses that aren’t well lit. It is safer to visit those with porch lights on.

Remind Your Child of General Safety Precautions– Although you child may already be aware that they are supposed to look both ways before crossing the street, or following the sidewalk as much as possible, it may be necessary to go over these rules with them again, especially since they may be excited and forget.

Choose a Right Sized Costume– Make sure that the costume your child is wearing is not too large, having too much fabric can be a tripping hazard and can lead to falls and other accidents.

Plan your Route in Advance– Planning your route in advance can be very beneficial and can stop you from getting lost. You should also ensure that your route is free from any obstructions or major construction so that you don’t get caught in a dangerous situations!

Halloween Safety Tips: After Trick or Treating

Treat Inspection– Check all candy prior to allowing your child to consume it. Make sure that their bag is free from open, or loose candy wrappers, Choking hazards or things that your child may be allergic to.

Treat Portions– Control the portions of candy that you allow your child to eat. It’s not so much as a safety concern as it is a tummy ache concern, but it’s important none the less.

Safety is very important, especially on nights like Halloween. Ensuring that your family has fun and is safe at the same time this year, will make Trick or Treating even more fun!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!



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