Does Your Child Have A “Naughty” or “Nice” Name? The Results Are In!

According to this survey conducted by School Stickers, data on which children’s names are the most common for kids who are well-behaved, and ones who could use a time-out has parents everywhere wondering if a child’s name actually has relevance as to what type of person they will become.

School Stickers, tracks children’s behavior and rewards ones for behaving well digitally, this data is based on 1 million entries. They’ve collected 60,000 entries and here’s what the company listed as the top names for “naughty” kiddos:

Top 10 Worst-Behaved Girl Names:

1. Ella
2. Bethany
3. Eleanor
4. Olivia
5. Laura
6. Holly
7. Courtney
8. Amber
9. Caitlin
10. Jade

Top 10 Worst-Behaved Boy Names:

1. Joseph
2. Cameron
3. William
4. Jake
5. Joshua
6. Jamie
7. Lewis
8. Benjamin
9. Ethan
10. Luke

Phew! Don’t see your child’s name yet? You may find them here:

Top 10 Best-Behaved Girl Names:

1. Amy
2. Georgia
3. Emma
4. Charlotte
5. Grace
6. Sophie
7. Abigail
8. Hannah
9. Emily
10. Alice

Top 10 Best-Behaved Boy Names:

1. Jacob
2. Daniel
3. Thomas
4. James
5. Adam
6. Harry
7. Samuel
8. Jack
9. Oliver
10. Ryan

Neil Hodges, School Stickers Managing Director says, “The annual ‘Santa’s Naughty and Nice list’ is just a bit of fun, and obviously there are many Ella’s and Joseph’s that are perfect little angels, just as I’m sure there are many Amy’s and Jacobs that can be a bit of a handful. School Stickers has been trusted by thousands of schools to reward pupils for good behaviour and achievement ever since it was created by a teacher in 2000. We’re proud that our products motivate and inspire young people, whatever their names!”

Is your child’s name listed above?

Do you think this list has accuracy in determining character?

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  • My name and the little one’s aren’t on either but mommy is on the naughty list and our niece is on the good one. Looks like mommy isn’t getting anything from Santa this year, lol!

  • LOL!!

    Amy Worrell

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