8 Crazy Nights

Recently, I‘ve been asked about Chanukah and how it is celebrated so I thought I would share a little bit about our Chanukah traditions. Many of you may know a little bit about the holiday from Adam Sandlers famous Chanukah song that we have 8 crazy days of lighting candles and gift giving. But not only that, our ancestors were…

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments

  You know, back in the day when I wore brightly coloured holiday sweaters filled with leaping reindeer and dancing elves to my job as a Kindergarten teacher, I thought I was just another teacher wearing a tacky Christmas sweater to amuse the kids. I never imagined that it would become a whole trend, complete with ugly Christmas sweater parties…

Share the tradition of the PTPA winning American Girl

Do you love American Girl like we do? Well, have you checked them out recently? They just debuted their BeForever line this fall in stores nationwide as well as online and it has girls everywhere excited. Why are they so excited? Friends, welcome back Samantha Parkington. Like all girls of the 80s, Samantha was the one doll I wanted more…

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