5 Movies To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

I never really realized it until just now but my family and I have a lot of holiday traditions, in fact the list is so long that if I told you everything this post would probably end up being about that instead of what it’s supposed to be about.  “What is it supposed to be about?”  you ask. Well, it’s about my favorite holiday tradition that I started with my oldest son 6 years ago.  Even though he was just a little baby at the time he still loved to snuggle up with me and watch a different holiday movie every night leading up to the big day.

There’s just something about sitting in a room, with the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights and a good ol’ classic holiday movie playing on TV that I just can’t help but be in the festive mood. Finding a new holiday movie is great but  I have my top 5 holiday classics that I HAVE to watch every year to get me feeling even more jolly.

5 Movies To Put In The Holiday Spirit

  1. A Christmas Story (1983) – There is so much about this movie that I just can’t help but love; the awful leg lamp, Randy getting his tongue stuck on a pole and poor Ralphie who wants nothing more than a Red Ryder B.B. gun for Christmas, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” has got to be my all time favorite line from ANY movie that I have ever seen but I have to admit Santa and those elves in the mall gave me nightmares for awhile.
  2. Scrooged (1988) – TV executive Frank Cross is visited by three spirits to help change his selfish and cynical ways.  At first he just thinks he had to much too drink but in the end the ghosts of Christmas past, presents and future help him see the error of his ways and his views on Christmas suddenly change for the better.  Shh…  don’t tell my husband but every once and a while I wish those spirits would pay him a visit.
  3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) – As hard as they try to have a great family Christmas, fate is trying even harder to ruin it for them; broken windows, burnt Christmas trees, a ruined turkey dinner and a HUGE Christmas light fiasco… I swear the Griswold’s just CAN NOT cut a break. I hate to say it but this family puts the FUN in dysFUNctional, in a good way.
  4. Home Alone (1990) – I love this movie but let’s get real here – How does a whole family, especially the parents fly across the world only to realize that they left their 8 year old son at home?  And what 8 year old boy isn’t going to have an accident in his pants when robbers are trying to get into is home?  Besides the somewhat ridiculousness of the story line this is still one of my favorite holiday movies to watch.  I’ve taught both of my boys the”Home Alone face” but I swear they will never have to look in the mirror and do it because we forgot them.  Doh!
  5.  How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – Jim Carrey is one of the greatest actors of all time and his role as The Grinch in this movie just proves that.  Everything about it is entertaining the storyline, the characters and their costumes… you can’t tell me the citizens of Whoville are not absolutely adorable!  Besides how can you not LOVE a movie where the villain who tried to steal Christmas ends up being a poor, misjudged and misguided soul?! This one is definitely a heart-warmer.

Now that you know the 5 movies that put me in the holiday spirit, what is your favorite holiday movie?

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