Healing The “Holiday Hangover”

Okay, so the parties are over, the presents have been unwrapped, the tree has been dismantled and all of those delicious chocolates have mysteriously disappeared. These are all signs that the holiday season has come to a close, but now what? Are you and your family stuck in a funk of still wanting to watch holiday specials or listen to holiday music to keep the spirit of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve alive? Well, then you may be suffering from what some affectionately call the “Holiday Hangover”. Now that you know what is ailing you, you are probably wondering what is the cure to get out of this rut and to actually get you and your family into the New Year? Well, there are a few things you can do in order to help you get over the holiday hangover hump and to embrace what the New Year has to offer!

Keep the Memories, Not the Decorations
This one is a hard tip even for me to follow, but once the holidays are over, you should leave the holidays where they belong: In the past. I know that some Christmas and New Year’s decorations are cute and fun to look at, but to have them hanging around your home any longer is not helping you move past the holiday season. You can keep the memories of this great time alive by creating a scrapbook or a photo album of all of the pictures you took or the pieces of the memories you shared this past month so you can look back on the fun you had without having it in your face all of the time.


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Plan Some Fun for the New Year
Now that your memories of the holidays have been saved, it is time to plan a bit of the future to get thinking about the future instead of the past. Get the family together and create a list of activities and events that you would like to do and visit this winter. My family is planning on going to the movies in a few days, going skating on the Rideau Canal, visiting Winterlude in February, and having friends over to watch the Super Bowl at the beginning of February. My other half and I have also made a few date nights to have some time away from our children so we can have some time as a couple as well. This way, you and your family will have something to look forward to, and you will have memories to these events to help bring you into 2015.




New Year, New Routine
While you are planning new events for the New Year, you should also think about shaking up your routine to get rid of the monotony of your daily schedule as well. This can be done in so many little ways. Where my children are concerned, I started having impromptu dance parties when we could not go outside because of the plunging drops in temperature and wind chill warnings. We have also taken the kids outside when the weather was warm enough on the spur of the moment to let them have fun and get away from the television. I have switched around the puzzles they like putting together so it challenges them and makes the time we spend together more fun as well. My other half and I have had movie nights for our kids out of the blue to have some fun with the gang after dinner as well.  For me, I have started doing something relaxing activities such as yoga, reading or just sneaking off to have some “me time” when I could to change my routine bit. These spontaneous activities are great to do to make your days fun and fresh and  get back into the swing of things after getting used to the laid back days during the holidays.




The holiday season is my favourite time of the year, but when the holidays are over, it is important to look forward and realize that there is a whole new year to look forward to and enjoy. The Holiday Hangover is easy to get over. All you have to do is take that first step out of this haze of the holidays finding ways to make 2015 as fun and wonderful as the past few weeks were for you and your family.

What other ways can you think of to cure the Holiday Hangover?

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