Show them you care on Valentines day on a budget or off.


February 14th!! It’s not a bad word people, say it, “Valentines” and it takes so very little effort to impress the person in your life. Time and time again I’ve heard so many stories at work from the females where their husband/boyfriend did absolutely nothing for them. Women like to be wooed, and treated with that same rush of emotion you had when you realized you wanted to be together as one. Don’t you think that’s worth putting a little time into? Let me detail a few examples of what I have done as well as what some friends have done that were a big hit and you can roll from there.

Example 1: One year my best man’s wife set up a scavenger hunt for him which he could have easily done as well. She first sat down and thought it out with a certain amount of locations in which she visited to ensure they were aware (They were happy to oblige) he would show up for a new clue. Approximately 10 local spots were used, but that’s give or take depending if he has to do something there. She started with the spot they had met, onto a favourite restaurant and so on and so forth. Each card would have a couple of clues as well as lots of time to arrive there to get the next clue. The final destination was a restaurant that they had never been to for a romantic meal.

Example 2: Little or no money? No problem! Who says you need to go anywhere at all? Some of the most romantic times we have had were in our own home where we were most comfortable. I called a local grocery store (NOT a florist) that had a flower shop and asked if they had any roses that were about to be tossed and explained that I would like them for the petals. I put them in the freezer for a couple of weeks at a friend’s house to keep. I went to the dollar store and grabbed some inexpensive candles and a lighter. When the day arrived and she was out of the house (Even if she was home, it could still be done) I made some finger foods, spread out some rose petals on the living area floor, with some lit candles around and set up a little romantic picnic with some music. A back or foot rub afterwards to help her relax and maybe cuddle up with a blanket and a movie.

You see, the thing is, whether you spend $5 or $500 in the end like the saying goes, “It truly is the thought that counts!” Writing a poem (NO you don’t have to be a poet or even have to rhyme) on an old torn piece of paper, but WRITE it. So many things that can be done to show the person that you truly care for them in whatever way without even spending a cent. I’d love to hear some stories about what you did in the past to celebrate, or if you’re having a hard time thinking of something to do. Drop some comments below, I’d be happy to play Cupid and help you out with some ideas. Good luck, but remember, it takes very little time and effort to have a great time.

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