Willow Smith: Baring It All At 14!

Seems Willow Smith has been the focus of a lot of controversy in her 14 year old lifespan. We all remember the photos posted of her in bed with her 20 year old half naked friend, and now she’s done it again!

The internet went crazy two days ago when she posted a photo of her wearing this Jean Paul Gaultier shirt on her Instagram page:


Sure, she’s 14 and this photo does have suggestive attributes that may bring upon sexual thoughts by onlookers, but lets weigh the facts for a moment, shall we?

Willow Smith is the daughter of two VERY well known celebrities, she’s growing up in a different society than we are used to and probably exposed to a lot more than the average teen today. She is not exactly baring her ‘real’ breasts in the photo, however it is suggestive and for most people, may be a little young to be wearing it.

We often weigh the decisions of our children in the hands of their parents, many are looking onto Will and Jada as wrongful guardians because of Willow’s decision to post this. Lets face it, kids today have a lot more liberty than we did when it comes to taking control of their lives on social media- so why bash the parents?

Because, who else can we blame?

Could this be nothing more than a teenager trying to get attention? That still doesn’t take away from the fact that someone may be using this photo for their personal pleasure -but our bodies are supposed to be beautiful and celebrated, right?

A photo literally is worth 1000 words, and I can go on forever weighing out the ‘facts’ but the truth is that this photo WAS posted and people ARE talking – whatever side of the fence you stand on.

We want our children to be expressive and artistic, don’t we? Why does Willow’s photo make us cringe? Is it because she is young or perhaps we are afraid that our children will in turn become more liberal as a result of this media stunt?

Whatever it is, brace yourselves….the #Freethenipple revolution has begun! Willow posted this today on Twitter: 


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  • This is very interesting to me as someone who has lived in Canada, the US, and Western Europe. Western Europeans wouldn’t really care about this at all. Such a different culture when it comes to sexuality, nudity, artistic freedom etc. etc. The kids in Canada and the US have the hardships of growing up with tons of the taboos that North American culture seems to impose on our kids. I think some people are slightly more tolerant of this image and celebrity kids, in general, with more of an attitude or “well, i don’t approve, but it’s not my kid,” or even finding some humour in it – let’s face it, the Smith kids are quite the free spirits lol – but the majority of response has been so radical, I really just don’t understand why everything these days has to become a #movement.

    Kelsi Andrew-Wasylik

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