Valentine’s Day Lip Love DIY

This lip balm has now become a staple in our home because of it’s simplicity and endless flavor possibilities. Kiss your way to happiness with this simple, luscious recipe!


What you will need:

-Empty cosmetic/lotion jars


-Drink flavoring (Chrystal Light, Koolaide, etc)

-Pot for melting OR microwaveable bowl


-Paper towels


How to: 

-Start off with about 3 tablespoons of Vaseline in a pot OR microwaveable bowl and melt until the jelly substance runs clear and runny.

– Once you have a really liquid form, make sure to add the flavoring quickly so that it can dissolve without getting gritty. (**Hint** for colored balms, make sure to add a lot of flavoring)

– Pour into container

– Place in refrigerator until the balm has formed into a harder consistency.



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