Taking on Adventure, Travel with Kids

You love to spend your vacations kayaking, bike camping or doing multi day hikes but now you have small children and the days past of sport trips have been replaced with thoughts of all inclusive resorts.

So how do you compromise? It’s simple really just think small.


Instead of starting off on a multi day ocean kayak trip find a nearby lake to explore for the day first. Introduce the activity to your children gently at first. For example go in a double kayak with them on a calm day sand pend the first few minutes wading in the water beside them before getting in so they can get comfortable with the rock of the boat in the water. Once they are ready get in and take a short paddle close to shore.

Once you are all ready to move from a day trip to a multiday trip look for areas you can create around a base camp. Find a spot that is easy to access on foot or by boat then explore the area in small jaunts over the next few days.

Don’t make any one activity a whole day plan. Kids thrive on variety and change. Follow a longer bike ride up with a walk on the beach exploring or spend the morning kayaking and the afternoon climbing easy routes or bouldering on small rocks.

Let your child pick an activity they love and involve them more by asking them to help you plan a day of your itinerary. If they seem interested in helping involve them in the planning of the whole adventure if they know what’s coming up next they tend to be more excited about it.

Keep you expectations low. Take the distance you would travel solo and cut it into a quarter of the distance for travel with kids and always be prepared to turn around or take a break.

So get out there and enjoy the world together chances are if you love doing it they will love doing it with you.

Contributed by Little Miss Kate & Co – Connect with Kate on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  You can find more family travel ideas on her website as well.

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