The Great Yoga Pants Debate

Not since the debut of the two piece swim suit has an article of clothing stirred as much debate as Yoga Pants.  It began with Lululemon who may not have invented yoga pants but, without doubt, they made them famous. When the public came to the realization that Lululemon only sells their pants (all of their clothes actually) up to a size 12 they were outraged.  Shortly after this earth shattering news came to light we were told once again to hate Lululemon and their yoga pants because, apparently, they are now made from cheap fabric, are pilling and are see through. And to add insult to injury the founder of Lululemon hit TV stating that this problem was actually, ummm, user error.

And now, the latest tragedy to hit yoga pants – Veronica Partridge. In case you haven’t see in it, and I’m not sure how you can miss it, Veronica is a Christian blogger who recently wrote a post telling the world she has vowed never to wear yoga pants, or leggings, in public again. And once again the world is outraged. But I want to say to this outraged world – get over it. Actually, no, not just get over it but STOP it.

I’m going to tell you something here. I don’t wear yoga pants in public either. Well, no that’s not entirely true. I do wear them to the gym or maybe for a brisk walk around the park or working in the garden. And when I was in the in between phase during pregnancy and they were the only pants I had that fit. But I do not wear them to the grocery store or out for coffee and absolutely not to work Why? Because they are just glorified sweat pants and I don’t wear them in public (again unless it’s in context) either. It has nothing to do with moral convictions. I just feel lazy wearing workout clothes if I’m not working out. And you know what? I’m allowed to have that opinion.  I do, however, frequently wear leggings out with long shirts or short dresses.

And Veronica Partridge is allowed to have her opinion.  And none of us have any business judging her for it. I 100% do not agree with her but I absolutely respect her right to have and even announce to the world, her opinion. The backlash I have seen, which I’m sure is nothing compared to what she has seen, has made me sad for society. Sad that we think it’s ok to stand on our little soap boxes and berate and belittle people for their beliefs. Because Veronica’s decision is a reflection of her beliefs. And who are you or I to put her down for that? I’ve read lots of comments on this subject. The post is everywhere so it’s hard to avoid it. I understand people’s desire, their right even, to verbalize their response to it. But I don’t understand their need to make those responses hurtful, at times even hateful. Telling another mother, one who is parenting based on a strong belief system, that she is teaching her own daughter the wrong lessons in life, is out of line.

…as a Christian, it is my responsibility to be mindful of the things that may cause my brothers (and sisters) in Christ to stumble. This includes, my words, my actions, and yes, even my wardrobe. – Veronica Partridge

This is not a woman who is “feeding the rape culture”. This is a woman who has convictions and stands by them. And even though I don’t share her convictions, or the faith that inspires them, I am a little in awe of her ability to stand by them and believe, with her entire being, in them. I’ve never had that kind of faith in anything or anyone. Veronica is not a threat to you or your right to wear whatever you please. So why are we treating her like she is? She is not judging you. She has made a decision for herself. And the irony of it all is that this faith, the one that so many people are berating her for, teaches her not to lash back and treat her haters in the same manner.


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  • I just shake my head and hope our grandparents aren’t on the internet… you know, the people who made it through wars and the depression and had REAL, ACTUAL problems? Let’s all just take deep breaths and think “hey, is this REALLY the mountain I want to die (or crucify someone else) on?” It’s yoga pants. YOGA. PANTS.

    Thank you for a voice of reason.

    Jessica Gollub
  • Excellent post and love the reply above as well! I actually don’t follow much mainstream media and had not heard about this. I just can’t figure out why we have become a continent of attackers!! Personally I have never walked out of my house in yoga pants. But that is simply because the screams of horror from my mom are in my head!! 🙂

    Brandee Head

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