North West’s Bullet Proof Vest


Little North has taken the fashion world by storm with her latest accessory made by her father Kanye – a bulletproof vest. Now, before we all go judging this decision, lets take into consideration that Kanye and Kim are not what most people would call predictable. They obviously love the spotlight and know exactly how to win people over with their decisions – whether good or bad.

After viewing the photos of Kanye’s newest Adidas Originals line of clothing, I am convinced that the premise for this tiny outfit on little North was probably to serve as a contradiction to his very demure and fleshy clothing line. Yes folks, I do believe that Kanye may actually be onto something deeper than just his attitude that we are so used to seeing. Perhaps the symbolism of the vest is simply to ‘protect’ the child or show the opposite- that she may in fact be unstoppable.

In the world of Kimye, nothing is inpossible and may not even make sense to the public looking in, but does it really matter?

I may be reaching for a reason as to why anyone would put a bullet proof vest on their child, but some days I really wish I could do the same to my own little ones- don’t you?

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