Outdoor Winter Activities for Families

Winter. It is not all bad. Sure, there it brings blistering winds, a lot of snow and ice, which causes people to want to stay cooped up inside, but there is also some fun to be had in this winter wonderland. There are so many activities that can be done outside to stop people from becoming couch potatoes and explore the outdoors! This is especially true for families who have young children. Children need to get outside and play all year-round, and there is a lot of outdoor winter activities that a family can to get their kids outside and to spend some quality time together.

Satisfy your need for speed by tobogganing or sledding
Kids of all ages love whooshing down a hill on a wooden or plastic board! Any member of the family can take part, and can either go down together or can go down one at a time (depending on the size of the toboggan or sled and the age of the child). The hill you go down does not even have to be that high or far away from your home. If your yard is big enough and if you have enough snow in your backyard, you can even construct one of your own that you can visit anytime you want to set outside for a while. You also get a bit of exercise by having to climb up the hill to go racing back down again.




Glide your way to fun by skating
Whether it is just a patch of ice or the longest skating rink in the world, skating is a great activity for families to take part in during the winter. You do not even have to be a great skater to have a good time on the ice. Skating gets your heart rate up, keeping you warm in the cold, and sometimes, falling is half the fun! It also allows for the family to be together while learning or improving on this skill. Your family could even start a weekly mini hockey tourney to continue to get out and have fun together.




Take in the season by going for a nature walk
All outdoor activities during the winter do not have to involve speed. Families can go out and explore the winter while taking in all of its beauty along the pathways, bike trails around their homes, or they can even go for a long walk in their own neighbourhoods. The world looks so different when snow is covering it, and you can see and explore it all together. If the children in the family are young enough, they can be brought along in a sled if their little legs get tired. Bring along a camera to capture the snowy landscapes, the animals that are active during this of year, or your family having a good time!


Winter Nature Walk Collage


There’s no place like home (or your back yard)
As I said previous stated, the family fun does not have to be had far from home. Your backyard can be a wonderful play place for the family to stretch their legs and have some fun! Snow angels can be made in even the smallest of backyards. A scavenger hunt can be planned to look around for hidden treasure in different areas. Break out the shovels and buckets to make snow forts, snow castles or snow men or snow triceratops! These activities can be done day after day, and since you are as close to home as you can get, you are never far away from getting back inside when the family becomes too cold.




Outdoor activities can be a lot of fun for the family, and there are so many choices of what can be done to have fun during this chilly season. The limit is only within your imagination. Anything a family does together helps everyone to become more active, so you can avoid catching cabin fever and helps to keep everyone healthy. All of these activities also create moments for family bonding, and to make memories that you will have for many years to come. So, no matter what winter brings, get your family outside to stay active, have some fun and to make memories.


Outdooe Winter Memories Collage


What is your favourite outdoor winter activity to do with your family?

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