Simply and Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

If you read my post about Valentine’s Day cards in the classroom you’ll know I’m all about “Easy & Simple” when it comes to participating in classroom activities. Did you know that it’s Teacher Appreciation Week starting next Monday? Yeah, me neither. And I regularly blog on, a site that is all about school celebrations and classroom activities. I keep seeing all the great teacher appreciation content on my various social channels but it didn’t sink in that it’s a mere week away until a couple of days ago.

Over the weekend I rummaged through our craft containers, consulted with my 5-year-old, and decided we had everything we needed to put this cute little jar together. This obviously works best if the teacher has young kids, he or she will be the hero coming home with a jar full of “fishies” as they’re known in our house.


My 5 year old is super excited to make this for his teachers because fish are a Really Big Deal in our house. This bodes well as I flat out refuse to make anything my kindergartener won’t help make since, you know, it is *supposed* to be from him.

This is my current stockpile of fish crackers. And this is on the low side, I’m one of those price matching stockpilers and have been known to buy 30 bags at a time.



Coincidentally, the kid earned the privilege of having a fish tank in his room a few weeks ago and has been regaling his class with fish tales. Like I said, we’re all about the fish these days so he’s full of enthusiasm for the project.

Our step-by-step instructions:


  • Mason Jar
  • Square of colourful fabric (approx. 5 X 5)
  • Ribbon or string
  • Customizable tag
  • Fish crackers (on sale this week in Eastern Ontario for $2 at Freshco and Food Basics!)



  • Fill jar with fish crackers
  • Place fabric between the mason jar lid and screw top and tighten
  • Print and add your student’s name to the tag
  • Punch hole in tag
  • Thread ribbon through tag and tie it around the lid (great way for my wee man to practice his bows…hehe…sneaky mom laugh)



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