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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we just wanted to let you know how AWESOME we think you are.  Being a mom can be really hard but is full of so many fantastic moments!   Tell us your favourite mommy moment for your chance to win a $50 Sephora gift card!  Every mom deserves to pamper herself – Good Luck!

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  • I loved seeing each of my babies for the first time once they were born. Truly an incredible feeling

    Amy Worrell
  • Watching my kids take their first steps

    Jonnie Hartling
  • My favorite moment was when my kids first told me they loved me.

    Andrea Bilec
  • I am a first time Mama and my little guy turned 6 months yesterday and although every moment has been incredible there is nothing quite like the very first moment I laid eyes on him! It will be a memory cherished forever!

    Jodi Mitrovic
  • I have to say that my favorite mommy moments are when my kids first get up in the morning. They are all smiles, adorable, happy and its my morning reminder as to how very lucky I really am!

    Sharon Vinderine
  • Seeing them born.

    carol markusa
  • My favorite moment has always been them being born, so tiny and fragile.

    jaimee mcallister
  • My favorite moment was my youngest being born and coming out screaming (1% chance of survival) .

    Trisha Faber
  • My special moment right now is after school packups, when my pre-school see’s me she’s all smiles and can’t wait to tell me all about her day.

    Subrina Alfred
  • Honestly every day there are amazing moments! Morning smiles, after school hugs and I missed you, night time snuggles.

    Brandee Head
  • Honestly every day there are amazing moments! Morning smiles, after school hugs and I missed you, night time snuggles. They are all incredible!

    Brandee Head
  • I enjoyed being alone with my babies and watching them sleep.

    jan nelson
  • Having twins 🙂 It is an amazing experience!

    Sharron Johnston
  • Hearing my son say Mama!

    Tanis Sergeew
  • Watching our little one growing up…every stage is different and always so exciting!

    Kam Parbhakar
  • I have so many fave moments but one of the best was when my son was in highschool.
    One day we were walking home from somewhere and we were talking about girls.
    I said when you find a great girl hold onto her.
    He put his arm around me and and walked the rest of the way home like that with me.
    It teared me up.

    Pamela Humphrey
  • Watching them take their first steps

    Melinda Liu
  • Ok, that is precious!

    Sharon Vinderine
  • Mine is all the “firsts”..Smiles, steps ect!

    Amy Heffernan
  • My favourite mommy moment was when my second son was born. My first son was so happy and loving towards his baby brother, it brought tears to my eyes. Now they are 10 and 5, they bicker here and there..but they are both amazing with each other over all and when they get along and show affection for each other, those are the best moments ever.

    Vicki Gray
  • teaching my girls new things, helping them learn and grow. becoming a kid again as i play with them and sharing in laughs and smiles

    kristen visser
  • The first night we were home from the hospital, it was a dream just being home as a family.

    Lauren Jacobs
  • cuddles that the kids initiate out of the blue – it’s truly amazing how they know just when i need a hug!

    Dawn Bloomfield
  • Best mothering experience thus far is having the chance, being blessed, chosen by god to raise my granddaughter, I am getting to do it all over again, twenty years later and twenty years older ahhhh what a difference life lessons, age, and a little patience makes.

    Lori Pouncey
  • I have so many favorite moment with my son, i feel so bless to have him. Seeing his smile and try to talk and make up story. Truly amazing moments that i always cherish forever. Happy Mother day to all moms

    Juzilda Junus
  • Having my 3 children changed my life and now as I have seen them grow into “teens” and experience their ups and downs and seeing that all of my random talks and rants about life did work!!! They have grown into amazing, kind and caring children. Everyday I feel so blessed just seeing their faces in the morning 😉

    Sharyn Amiel
  • After my son’s finger reconstruction he was able to hold hands with his sister. It still makes me cry to see them hold hands.

    Jessica Coker
  • seeing baby grow and develop, i.e. latest thing is rolling over!

    Nicky Marie
  • The times that both my sons smiled for the first time

    Courtney Fudger
  • My fav mom moment was last year watching my 3 year old son run across a crowded restaurant to give his Nana a big hug and bouquet of flowers for Mothers Day, the whole restaurant melted in the sweetness of the moment and I was very proud

    Emma Bartlett
  • Watching my children become beautiful, strong individuals with minds of their own who still want to give me hugs, how does it get any better than that?

    Lark Webb
  • My favourite moment was when I was browsing in sephora with my baby and three year old- my three year old zipped away and cam back with red lips (sampled her own lipstick) – and said “momma, I want to paint my love on you” – I couldn’t even get mad lol 🙂

    marla pollard
  • I don’t remember it well, but the first time I found out I was adopted, my mom showed me a picture of me that she got when they first told her about me and she said she loved me from that instant. I was 15 months when I was brought home, and am now 29. She is still my best friend and the best mom ever. I think I loved her from first sight too! And we looked exactly alike and none of my friends could believe I was adopted! I now have that picture in my house and I think of how much she wanted me and loved me, even though I wasn’t her biological child, every time I look at it. Another good moment is when my parents first separated and the divorce was happening, we moved to California with my brother. It was our chance to really live it up as cali girls. I remember she was so excited. We would eat dinner (McDonald’s) on the beach, see the sites, and just enjoy the sun. She would always dance in the car, especially cause I’d laugh and be like “mom, please stop” even though I really thought she was funny. Even when we fight, we make up fast and she’s always there for me when me or my kids are hurt or sick, and just to hang out. We can just sit on the couch and watch movies And it’s so much fun. I love it when she plays with my hair or rubs my back, even as an adult. And I love showing her how to use her phone or Facebook or clarifying texts and thinks like hashtags and “LOL”. She is definitely a mom, but she is my mom and I love her no matter what!

    Ashley Roggow
  • I just love how my mother always put us first.

    maria buneta
  • this would be awesome!!!! you guys rock!

    Laura Williston
  • My favourite mommy moment was seeing my children for the first time by ultrasound, an unbelievable moment of knowing that a life is growing inside of you.

    Denise Berube
  • The first time my son wrapped his little arms around my neck for a big hug and said “mama?” Melt.

    Tara Vesey
  • Seeing him say the first words and walk.

    Bonnie Leung
  • I love this age, the tweens, the change I see in my daughter every day is amazing. She’s growing into an amazing young woman and I love every minute.

  • My fave moment so far is watching my 2 kids bond and become the best of friends. Watching their relationship blossom has been amazing to see!

    melissa finn
  • My favourite moments so far are when my two girls (aged 5.5 and almost 3) show how much they care for one another. My youngest looks up to her big sister so much, and that bond is just amazing to see.

    Kaylee Matheson
  • My favourite moment was watch my sister become a mom.

    LInda Homareau
  • My favourite moments are when they hug me:)

    sara rai
  • When I saw a little 3 year hold her grandfather’s hand by wrapping three tiny fingers around one of his. Precious!

    Eileen Ong
  • When I pick my son up from preschool, as soon as he sees me he yells “MOM” with big smiles and gives me big hugs! Love it!

    kristen sowko
  • Every day when they randomly say, “I love you, mommy.”

    Marion Knutson

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