Food Revolution Day – Taking Action in Schools and Home

Have you ever sat back and looked at how often your family eats out or does those “occasional” drive-thru drive bys? My heart ached a little when I really took a gander at how my little family ate and the amount we actually ate out. Sure, not all eating out is terrible but I know I am not the first to pick a salad over the less healthy options. I get it, life gets busy and it seems our diets are the first to suffer. Sadly, in a family home it is not only OUR diets that are suffering- it is our children’s, too.

My children are lucky ones with fast metabolisms, but that doesn’t mean they are “healthy” because their size says they are not overweight. The insides matter, too!

How Food Revolution Day Plans to Make Waves

“By educating children about food in a practical, fun and engaging way, we can provide them with the knowledge and skills they so urgently need to lead healthier, happier lives. We need to make practical food education a compulsory part of every school curriculum across the world, and that’s why I’ve launched a petition calling on all G20 countries to action this. With enough support from millions of people around the world, I truly believe that we can create a movement that’s powerful enough to make governments take action.” – Jamie Oliver

This education starts at the roots of life, home and school. Practical and compulsory food education should be available in every school for every child. A child is more likely to share the things they learn with their own families and friends, inspiring healthier choices at both home and school. By bringing light to the foods they’re consuming, and helping them develop a true understanding of the good and bad of food health, they too can make better choices.

In England, The School Food Plan made cooking lessons and food education a compulsory part of the curriculum. This should be seen across the globe.

Join PTPA & Jamie Oliver and help fight for food education for every child!

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